Nvidia Chip To Power New Nintendo DS

Graphic chip maker Nvidia has apparently been awarded a contract to provide its mobile-centric system-on-a-chip, Tegra, to a new Nintendo DS, which will be announced in late 2010.

Insiders tell IT news outlet BSN that a single chip Tegra will supposedly power the new DS; the Tegra was developed for use in mobile devices like Microsoft's Zune HD as well as smartphones.

If true, this could explain why Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang declared that the Tegra will account for half of Nvidia's revenues in the next couple of years. It would also be the first time Nintendo and Nvidia have partnered.

We are following up with Nintendo and will update if the company comments.

Nvidia Tegra Wins Contract [BSN via Develop]


    I hope Nvidia doesn't jack up the price on the new NDS

    WTF? Another DS system?

      I think it will be a new system. Since the DS itself was such a success I think they will base the new handheld on it. I dont think it will be another remodelled DS. Unless they are completely remodelling the DS (which is highly unnecessary...hm but psp just did it) why bother making a new chip...The answer is the DS successor (I believe). This also leads to the fact that SOME new consoles are bound to be announced in late 2010.

    Finally some probarbly true strings of news on future consoles. I love it when this happens. Like when I was a young teenager and was hypped for the 360. I just love getting excited about the new consoles.

    anything slower than a gtx 285 is unacceptable

      I LOL'd hard.

    As usual, I will not get the 1st generation of DS2... I'll wait a year for DS2 Lite.

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