Of Course Modern Warfare 2 Avatar Goods Are Coming

Xbox 360 owners, calm your fears. Soon, your Xbox 360 Avatar will reflect your passion for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, says Infinity Ward creative strategist Robert Bowling. I know, it was touch and go there for a minute.

Bowling said via his Twitter feed this weekend that he's "not sure we'll be doing any Avatar rewards, but we are making avatar items. With some free ones hopefully." Free ones!! That's the kind of Avatar thing I can see myself investing the time to download. Too bad (potentially) about the lack of Avatar rewards, as that's a nice little perk for the serious fan.


    grrr avatar items are a waste of time, i dont even see why people download the free ones.

    Stuff on XBL Marketplace free?

    lol, yeah sure!

    LOL @ Avatar Rewards. I mean do ANY games have that connection yet?? If so it's probably all the Avatar Arcade Games.

    Umm why does that dashboard look different too?

    But i agree with Raja95 - the avatars kinda seem useless on the Xbox. Perhaps when they release that Avatar Room thats pretty much Playstation Home, they may make MORE sense. But you cannot even view someones avatar if they're not your friend. And you gotta go into the dashboard-friends pane just to view the avatar.

    Not like seeing someones avatar is important or anything - but MS should make "View Profile" when looking at Friends of Friends or Recently Played to show the persons avatar. Re-arrange the right side where it shows the Bio etc... and put the persons avatar with their location, bio, name & gamerscore.

    At the moment, they're just useless.

      IIRC that's the dash from when it was first introduced. So it's like the beta or prototype or whatever stage they were at when it was first shown.

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