Of Weddings & Video Games

A couple years back, Totilo got himself hitched. Well done, Stephen! To help commemorate his two loves—his missus and video games—he added some gaming touches to his wedding. This weekend, however, I am getting married.

Now, my lady friend isn't exactly big on games. Sure, she enjoys a spot of SingStar and Mario Kart here and there, but there was no way in hell we were having a "gaming" wedding (that cake up there? Not mine). I couldn't even steal Totilo's subtle idea of naming the tables after gaming levels because I don't have any tables; it's a casual, cocktail-party-like affair.

Yet I wanted to slip something gamey in there.

So I did it where nobody was looking. Well, listening. Because I'm playing DJ at the reception, I've dropped some stuff into the playlist (some for dancing, some for just...milling about) that none of my guests—yet many of you—may recognise.


"Like It Like This Like That", by Hideki Naganuma (Jet Set Radio) "The Orb of Dreamers", by Daniel Pemberton (LittleBigPlanet) "Overture II", by Asuka Sakai & Yu Miyake (We Love Katamari) "Beedle's Shop", by Kenta Nagata, Hajime Wakai, Toru Minegishi & Koji Kondo (Zelda: Wind Waker)

Any last-minute requests, something awesome I may have missed? Know that if it involves Final Fantasy or Metal Gear, I will ban you.


    "So I did it where nobody was looking."

    Are you sure you want to do that? She might deny you access to her ____ on your own wedding night.


    "Beedle's shop" XD
    That is the most awesome thing ever. The only thing I could think of is the Hyrlue Party Mix by NoppZ.
    Linky - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=suIFmrXMI8w

    Date my avatar?
    Big Blue Dress?

    I reckon you get easily get away with Heavenly Star from No More Heroes. If not, go for some Metroid Metal (try The Tunnel). Not enough metal at weddings these days, methinks.

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