Old News '01: Gran Turismo Made PlayStation The Market Leader

Racing gaming has always been a competitive genre. For a while, there was no contest. Fresh off this week's latest news bit about Gran Turismo and with a copy of Forza 3 on my desk, I wanted to look back.

You are reading Kotaku's once-weekly (sort of) journey back to yesteryear.

Here's the Toronto Star in December of 2001, covering the release of Gran Turismo 3:

Gran Turismo 3 is the grandchild of the original, and seminal, Gran Turismo of 1998, the game that made the PlayStation the market leader that it is.

That's just one of dozens of expressions of Gran Turismo's dominance that I was able to find in a search of news clippings. GT used to be unstoppable and untouchable. Maybe it still is, but 2009 shows how competitive things can be. Between the release of GT4 and the eventual launch of GT5, Microsoft will have launched three Forza games, closing the gap, at least critically, on what the team at Polyphony Digital built for the PlayStation brand.

There was a time when reports of a Gran Turismo were coupled with references to the competitors' inability to compete. Is that time over? A new Gran Turismo might mean as much to Sony as the old ones did. So, will the old lines from 2001 and other years be written again once GT5 shows up?


    Mmmmm i wouldn't say its one of those games, well today, that pretty much prevents others from selling well or become critically acclaimed.

    There are so many more releases in general year by year than there were back in the PS1 and PS2 days.

    And the Racing genre has really spread out in terms of whats available. You have motorbike games, Need For Speed for the drag-heads, Burnout series. And then you have the more mature Forza and Gran Turismo.

    No doubt it will become probably the biggest title on the PS3 since Prologue is for the time being. But when you had the PS1 and PS2 you didn't have that great of option for decent car racing games since Nintendo were spitting out Mario Kart and thats about it. I also think the whole "fanboy" concept is something at a larger scale today - so you get the Forza boys and the Turismo boys etc...

    Either way, there is no need to predict the success Gran Turismo will be for the PS3. Heres hoping Sony market the game accordingly so that its deserved and likelihood success goes according to plan.

    Let's put things into perspective, shall we? Yes, Gran Turismo was a groundbreaking series, so much, in fact, that arguably the racing genre can be divided in before and after GT. BUT no racing game, no matter how good it is, a console market leader make. GT was one of many things that made the PS platform what it is today, but by no means it can be singlehandedly credited.

    No matter what GT accomplishes in the future or has created in the past - Forza 3 is an exceptional racing game viewed entirely on it's own merit. I don't understand how GT5 and F3 can be so comparable - they are on different consoles and don't directly compete especially considering only one is out.

    GT5 will be good. It has official wrc and nascar, damage, better tracks like the top gear track and london routes, nuremburg ect. Improved online and amazing graphics with amazing, professional customisation.
    Basically GT3 but everything is mammothly improved. I dont know how the sales will do compared to forza, but people who has GT3 will want this game.

    sure, use the fuck-ass ugly viper .

    GT5 will be my excuse for buying a PS3.

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