On America's Copies Of Zelda, Link's A Fighter

Game characters look different in different parts of the world, and sharp-eyed blogger Matthew Green noticed that Zelda's Link is showing more attitude for his release in the US than in Europe. Aggression sells better in America?

Green told me that this is part of a trend, one I'd not been privy to. It goes back to Kirby, that pink puffball of a Nintendo character who was given some angry eyebrows for his American release.

Based on Green's comparison of the box arts I've reprinted here, Europe will be sold the upcoming DS game The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks with Link the train conductor. America gets a swordsman. For a little more on the comparison and its history, check out the original article.

American Link Is Hardcore [Press The Buttons]


    Maybe they know Europeans aren't so quick to go "OMG SWORDS=VIOLENCE, LETS GET IT!"

    American link will attack you with his sword.

    Does that mean Eurpean Link will run you over with a train?

    Australia gets the Euro cover doesn't it.

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