On The Future Of Home: If You Ask For It, They’ll Build It

Home Director Jack Buser delivered a state-of-the-software address while walking me through the new Home spaces announced this morning.

Far from being concerned by the fact that not all PlayStation 3 owners make use of Home, Buser was excited that so many people have even tried it at all. "We came so close to setting a concurrency record," he gushed. "The media is not groking how amazing the usage level is [on Home.] "

For those of you who don't know much about computer science or Robert Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land, what Buser is going on about has to do with the potential that Home has to interact with other software — the PlayStation Network, Twitter, you name it. For example, the Home team recently rolled out an update that enables game launching of all PS3 titles from directly within Home. Also, they've developed connections between the PSN, the PSP Go and Home that have the ability to talk to each other.

So while Buser declined to announce any plans to somehow integrate the PSP Go directly into Home, he very enthusiastically said that the potential is there.

Potential, he said, is what drives Home's expansion. The potential is there for developers to build spaces that connect with the fans. The potential is there for fans to demand things from developers. To that end, says Buser, if you want to see something in Home…ask for it.

Right now there are over 50 spaces in Home, public and private. There are 1000 virtual items to be bought or earned and the service has hosted over 200 community events where you can win real things like collectors editions of video games. All it takes to enjoy any of that is a PSN account and maybe a little tolerance for updates and evolving content distribution systems. Home is still technically in open beta, after all.

I for one would like to see a Valkyria Chronicles space and a Tales of Vesperia space. I also want some soft of transmogrifier that will turn my realistic-looking avatar into something more appropriately anime for those spaces. That was the one thing I didn't like about the Ratchet & Clank space — it didn't look like you belonged there because you weren't cartoon-y enough.

Also, I really wish they'd open up the building editor to users instead of just developers. If I could build a palace that was just mine, I might form a stronger attachment to my virtual identity in Home than I do from walking around a cookie-cutter-made living space that every other user could easily have. But that's just me.

What do you want to see in Home?


    I know a lot of people groan about home, but i actually like it. Just it moves a bit slow...

    There should be more game spaces of upcoming games to help promote games, and things like the Resident Evil space that had all these coming soon area's... but they never came!

    What would be cool would be an arcade room... where you could have 10 old skool Ridge Racer / Daytona machines linked up, with leader board... old Tekken game with challenge and so on.

    I know some will think it lame, but what about an Art gallery with real art, or user submitted art and so on... that would be kind of cool.

    A home space station with zero G sports?

    A show ground complete with Side Show games and rides complete with virtual home vomit! hehe!

    I could be here all day....

    Home is...I dunno, I like it and then sometimes I hate it.

    For one there are not enough updates, secondly the differences between SCEJ SCEA and SCEE are huge and that is what annoys me. There should be simultaneous releases. Ive been waiting for the SIREN space for months on end and we still dont have it. America has it, yet the second game wasnt even released over there...

    So yeah you may be able to ask, and they will build, but don't expect to see it in the next couple of months/years.

    i want to see like a skate park or something. That would be sweet

    What I would like to see is Equality between all regions... but that is not going to happen... Damn internet Allows me to see what US home has got and EU has not...

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