Oonce ... Oonce ... Oonce ... C'mon, Check Me Out!


    I don't care. Unlock my game and then I might care about statues in your lobby.

    I want...

    I love coming around the corner and seeing claptrap dancing.

    thats pretty spesh

    @Brett C: You have no rights as a PC gamer, years of piracy sealed your fate at the bottom of the pile.

    Before you paint me as a console gamer, know that I am 100% PC and that another 5-10 days on a release ranks somewhere between "sorry what?" and "a fly landed on me" in concern levels to all us rational PC gamers. STOP GIVING US A BAD NAME.

    I should also point out that this statue rocks worlds: congratulations on the over-80 Metacritic score, Gearbox!

      Here Here!

    maybe you can shoot this little annoying bastard in real life... unlike in the game....

    My xbox hard drive broke with my borderlands save on it! :(

    Interplanetary Ninja Assassin.

    Not without my Claptrap

    I'm dancing! I'M DANCING!

    That would make an awesome computer case-mod.

    Looks like Pipboy has some competition

    I'm dancing, I'm DANCING!

    With how much effort was put into claptrap and the videos of him i wish they had a limited edition version of the game with a claptrap figure. id love one

    wow, this is a fantastic GIR... errr, i mean Claptrap statue :P

    That is awesome. I think it would make a great pc case!

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