Our Tour Of Halo Waypoint, Surprise Avatar Awards

The hub for all things Halo is live on my Xbox 360 (and yours if you have the dashboard update preview). I'm a Level 19 Halo user, it seems. Check out my video tour, which starts with... Avatar Awards.

Avatar item unlocks.... Awards given for people who get Achievements pulled from a series of related games... what do you think?


    Is this up in aus yet?

      Yeah People in Australia that are in the Preview got it last night, You also get the Recon Helmet & The Rookies Armour Suit thing ( Those are the 2 Avatar Items Missing in the Screen Shot). Everyone should have it on 5th November

    1) Yay, avatar unlocks! FINALLY.

    2) Interesting that you only need 2900g to get the max level. I suppose that's to not punish you for not being super-amazing at multiplayer and not being able to get the highest player ranks for their achievements?

    3) That's a lot of effort for a system based around a game series with only 3 games + 1 coming out...

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