Overseas Poormouthing Continues For PSPgo

Don McCabe of the UK retailer Chips is on the record with his disaffection for the PSPgo. But he's ramped up his opinion from "not worth stocking" to "will fail miserably".

Of that, McCabe is "99.9 percent certain". It's certainly not the kind of thing Sony wants to hear through its retail channel.

Extending his remarks, McCabe said Sony's blindly following the example set by Apple's iTunes App Store without considering the actual success of that model and whether it's translatable to this device. He considers digital-only game sales to be a craze similar to the dot-com boom:

"It's going to come, no matter what, but a very small amount of people are actually going to go on to make any money out of it," McCabe said. "One or two will make serious money and they'll be held up as 'you too can do this'. Whenever you see anyone producing fantastic figures, just ask them how much they actually made from it."

"PSPgo Will Fail Miserably" - McCabe [GamesIndustry.biz]


    He is kidding himself, the next generation of consoles will be digital download only, just look at XBLA and the ps3 shop the ground work has already been laid. The companies will back this as it helps cut out pirates which hurt their profits.

      If the next consoles will be download only, then piracy will be all those companies will get from me.

    The whole digital download only device isn't the problem with the PSP Go. The problem is it's outrageous asking price. That is why it will fail.

      I concur.

    It all sounds like wishful thinking on behalf of a retailer who wants to remain relevant, and in business.

    He's not even saying it'll fail because Sony's priced it out of competition even against it's own products, he's saying that digital distribution will fail.

    What a dumba**.

    Did you guys read the article? McCabe says “It’s going to come, no matter what, but a very small amount of people are actually going to go on to make any money out of it,”

    The point being you can't just sh*t out a download only device and think you'll make money from it. He's fully aware that that business model will put him out of business.

    Also I'd hate to see the end of retail and have to pay the repugnant prices Microsoft charges for their Games on Demand service.

      I read it as him saying the digital download only 'craze'/dot-com-esque bubble is going to come (and then go).
      And that only a few of the game makers will make substantial money (not the hardware makers). I could see this happening if the hardware/digital delivery service owners don't get things right. But I'm sure that there will be someone else ready to do it correctly, and it won't come to an end like he suggests.

      As I said earlier, I think it will be here to stay, but the PSP Go will definitely come and go very quickly if it's pricing isn't changed substantially.

        Sorry it wasn't really you post I disagreed with but the people thinking that retail is, and should be, dead. They are probably onto something, I'm really looking forward to buying a device that only plays content that I can get from one source and the pricing model goes with it. Oh and if it fails I look forward to watching the servers being turned off and saying goodbye to my content.

        People only need to look at the music industry to see where things are headed. Dead formats and devices http://arstechnica.com/old/content/2007/08/sony-euthanizes-sony-connect.ars and the battle against piracy. The record companies are hemorrhaging money, though the content creators (bands) are doing pretty good. Their saviour are live performances and iTunes, a service that offers an affordable alternative to piracy and pushes down the price of CDs at retail. These things don't work in isolation. If iTunes only existed piracy would again explode because you cant play your DRM'ed tracks on the devices you want to ie. PS3 or worse, they could inflate the prices because they are the only game in town.

        Consumers never win with walled gardens and consoles are walled gardens. All download content comes through the manufactures and they can choose what their margin on top the the software price will be, like a GST but paid to the hardware manufacture. Imagine the future at Sony "I don't know Kaz, I think should we raise the margin for 20% to 35%" (and don't think Microsoft or Nintendo are any different). A total DRM future means the only competition is at the hardware level.

        Don't get me wrong I believe in the digital download future too. I (constantly) use and love Steam on the PC but people should be careful what future they wish for.

    Hmm yeah i forgot that the iTunes App Store is such a fail!

      There are brilliant games on the AppStore that cost a few dollars compared to the GO pricing. I just sold my PSP because it became redundant when I got a 3GS because it has great, CHEAP games. The developer support for it is a true success story. 4-5 years on and SONY just got around to releasing GT for it that was promised on release, and still insists that one analog stick if a good idea for the platform. I love my PS3 (for $50 more than there mobile platform) but are you listening SONY, GO JUMP!

    Two analogs would make it a new format rather than digital aspect of current format.
    Half the point of the PS3 analog is that you 'click' it in, for example to sprint or to zoom target- this is not possible on PSP either.
    And at $400 with 16GB and Gran Turismo (and 3 first party Sony games if registering UMD in old PSP) it is quite comparable to buying a PSP3000 ($300ish) plus 16GB Pro Duo ($100ish). Major issues would be if you have lots of UMDs that you wish to continue playing, OR you plan to buy second hand UMDs OR there are games that you wish to have but are currently unavailable on PSN. Otherwise for new PSP buyer without need for these 3 things, the Go is a very solid option.

    I think that this guy is getting some fundamental things incorrect.
    Firstly, Sony is selling to a closed platform. The Dot.com crash was caused because of inflated expectation in a broad open-environment(The Internet), not an alternative delivery method to an existing system (PSPGo)
    Secondly, If the PSPGo does fail, the download content will still be available for the regular PSPs. Sony will loose the R&D money, but the PSP will live on.

    I believe that this guy is realizing that digital distribution WILL end up decreasing his sales, and he is scared about this future. So he is wishing that not only the PSPGO, but the PSP store, and also the PSN-store, and ALL digital distribution, would just go away. Sorry pal, but you star is fading.

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