Patch Lets Left 4 Dead Out Of The Closet

Steam put out a patch this evening solving a problem in the PC version of Left 4 Dead's Crash Course campaign, whereby rescue closet doors would not open to let survivors out in Versus mode.

The patch was announced around 7:30 p.m. U.S. Eastern time. In addition to the rescue closet glitch, the patch allows users to set the maximum acceptable ping for a dedicated server. A couple of other cosmetic fixes were included.

Left 4 Dead Update Released [Steam News via Blue's News]


    I thought you can't respawn in versus mode, and therefore all closets are not actually closets. Unless I've been wrong in the hundreds of games I've played.

    Ah, might want to read the change log a bit more closely next time:

    "Fixed an issue where rescue closet doors could be opened in Crash Course in Versus mode"

    There is no respawn in vs mode, so there is no need to open closet doors "to let survivors out". Apparently, the doors could be opened to provide a safe haven which the infected / specials(?) could not themselves get into.

    You don't play L4D do you Owen ...

    1. Survivors don't respawn in Versus mode.

    2. The patch made it so doors *couldn't* be opened. I believe it was an effort to reduce closet camping. It didn't actually work anyway. You can see the doors have planks nailed across them to prevent entry but the door can still be opened and you can walk through the planks ...

    Some players are reporting that closets are currently able to be opened in some servers but not others ...

    Might wanna double check the patch notes. They fixed a problem where the closet doors COULD be opened in versus. Survivors don't respawn in versus mode.

    You mean the patch stopped the rescue closets form opening, because survivors don't re-spawn in Versus mode...

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