PC Saw Is Steam Exclusive, Unavailable At Retail

Konami's PC port of Saw, which went out earlier this month for Xbox 360 and PS3, will hit Steam later this month. The site Big Download is reporting that the digital distributor is the only place to buy the game.

Big Download notes that Konami did something similar last year when it put out Silent Hill: Homecoming as a Steam download exclusive.

PC Version of Saw to be Exclusive to Steam [Big Download via VG247]


    Oh dear.. i hope this isn't the future! It's going to stop a lot of people from buying PC if it becomes more common among games.

    Digital Distribution is the future!!!!!!!

    It is the future ,embrace or get left behind, digital distro will soon be the norm and physical media will be a thing of the past

      Then Piracy goes up and money from my wallet to the Developer goes down.

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