Perfect Dark XBLA: Re-Skinned Elvis Has Entered The Building

Three new screenshots for the Xbox Live Arcade remake of Rare's Perfect Dark have surfaced on the developer's website, showing off some re-skinned weapons and a new look for Joanna Dark's Maian pal, Elvis.

4J Studios seems to be doing a fine job of updating the original Perfect Dark to HD for its Xbox Live Arcade incarnation. Elvis is certainly looking healthy, all spruced up and ready to rescue Joanna from the clutches of the vile Skedar. Check out the other two screens below to see how the environments and weapons are coming along.


    my friends are fearing the release because i frikken PWN at perfect dark

    That FarSight is looking sexy...

    What the fuck....what happened to elvis ?

    Those sceenshots are very similar to the ones the teaser screenshot they released for the original N64 version. Not similar quality but similar angles and locations.

    I remember staring at the screenshots and imagining how brilliant this game was going to be when Rare finally released it. Too bad I probably shouldn't have got my hopes up so high.

    Yeah i preferred elvis in the old look with the dark eyes. I'm looking forward to this. December release apparently. I just hope the control scheme has been translated to the 360 controller in the form of say halo/cod config and not the archaic N64 single analogue stick.

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