Peter Molyneux Haaaates Demos

Designer of the Fable series, Peter Molyneux is not a fan of game demos. Don't freak out just yet — he has a good reason, why.

"Now, I hate demos," Molyneux tells website Edge Online. "I think demos are the death knell of experiences. Over the years I've done demos and they've either completely ruined the game, given too much to the player, or they've confused people, so I said that we should give away the very first 45 minutes of the game, completely free, and just before you get to Bowerstone up comes this message saying, ‘If you want to continue playing press this button, but if you want to buy the rest of the game, press this'. So people that are interested but don't want to commit to the full purchase can play more, and people that are into it can buy all of it, and they don't lose experience or gold they've collected."

Instead of a separate demo, it sounds like Molyneux would rather allow players to start playing the actual title. If they like it, they can buy the game. If not, they can stop and be done with it. Kind of like flipping through a book in a bookstore, but without the ability to sit in said bookstore all day and read the book free of charge. Dammit.

"If you think to the future I think you can see a world in which the close relationship with the customer that digital affords is going to completely change the way players pay for games," adds Molyneux. That future, argues the designer, should be competively priced so that players are "second mortgaging [their]house" every time they're buying an episode.

Interview: Peter Molyneux [Edge]


    Hey what a bold new concept! I even have a term we can use for this sort of approach - shareware!

    This Peter Molypukes really grinds my gears.
    He should get over himself, he talks everything up like is some sort of video game god but has about as much follow through as a constipated vegan.
    8 months before Fable 3 this douche is going to be all over my beloved Kotaku spitting garbage about how revolutionary the time line controlling citizen manipulating controls are and its just going to be watered down drizzle like Fable 2 was. Don't get me wrong I liked Fable 2 but it didn't live up to half the hype this pretentious doodlebanger said it would.
    (I hope he proves me wrong, but experience tells me otherwise)

    I have a love hate relationship with demos, on one hand they've managed to save me potentially thousands of dollars on games that sounded cool but turned out to be utter and total shit.

    Turning Point Fall Of Liberty springs instantly to mind, had that been a launch title for the original xbox it would have been pretty good, as a mid life xbox game it would have been kind of okay, as a late life one it would have been distinctly average. As a mid life xbox 360 game it was unforgivably awful.

    On the other hand demos have this tendency to cherry pick the coolest bits of the game so you not only spoil a lot of the great sections but they also tactically avoid showing you the areas of the game which are repetitive, annoying and crap, basically lying by implication that the whole of the game will be as solid and polished as the demo.

    I really did like the way Fable 2 was done, if this had been done when the game was new I'd likely have bought it this way but now there's a game of the year version that I can get online cheaper than the standard version, I'll pass and statistically this won't look like as good an idea as it really is.

    Let's correct that last sentence hey by inserting a "not":

    That future, argues the designer, should be competively priced so that players are NOT “second mortgaging [their] house” every time they’re buying an episode.

    Original story quote:

    "Well, I think it needs to be priced so you don’t feel you’re second mortgaging your house every time you buy an episode. I want this to be really good value."

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