Plants Vs. Zombies In The Streets Of New York

Plants Vs. Zombies In The Streets Of New York

Downloadable defence game sensation Plants vs. Zombies invades the nation’s largest Halloween celebration, as hordes of zombies and their leafy foes take to the streets in New York City’s 36th Annual Village Halloween Parade.

Popcap Games is an official sponsor of this year’s Village Halloween Parade, and they’re not content to be represented by a lousy street sign. No, they’re forming a Plants vs. Zombies troupe to march in the parade, inviting fans of the game, zombie groupies, and “macabre gardening types” to come celebrate with them on October 31st. The company is attempting to make this year’s event the largest zombie gathering in parade history, going as far as to extending special invitations to zombie enthusiast organisations such as NYC Zombie Crawl and ZombieCon.

If I were in New York City, I would totally go as a plant.

“Plants vs. Zombies seems to inspire people to new heights of zaniness, and we have the photos to prove it,” laughed Garth Chouteau, vice president of public relations at PopCap. “We wanted to give those rabid PvZ fans a fun time and place to gather and celebrate their passion for the game. What better way than marching up 6th Avenue in New York’s historic Halloween parade!”

The parade kicks off at 7pm on Halloween night. If you’re in the area, you probably won’t want to miss it. And hey, bring the kids! It’s an excellent alternative to keeping them locked in the closet all night for their own safety.

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