PlayStation 3 Gets Netflix Streaming Next Month

Add Netflix to the list of everything that the PlayStation 3 does. Next month, PS3 owners who are also Netflix subscribers can enjoy thousands of movies and TV shows from the comfort of their consoles.

According to the official announcement, which confirms speculation that Netflix streaming would come to a console that isn't the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 owners will be initially required to have a free, Netflix-provided Blu-ray disc in the console to watch said movies, taking advantage of Blu-ray's BD-Live tech.

(You can quickly request one at, PlayStation 3 owner.)

Later, we should probably expect Sony and Netflix to offer a firmware update or application that will do the work of the Blu-ray disc. Looks like the PS3 implementation of Netflix will be similar to the Xbox 360 version, letting users browse and update their "Watch Instantly" queues from the XMB.

More details on the good news is available at the

Kotaku AU Note: Netflix is not available in Australia at all.


    Sony's new "It only does everything" campaign sure as hell won't be coming to Aus. Unless they tweak it to "Only does some of the stuff it does elsewhere. And slower 'cause your internet sucks."

      Agreed, It's getting annoying how they promote such heavy downloading with products down here yet majority of the Internet user base have really slow connections.

        You don't hear any of the Xbox live users complaining about their $50 subscription fee for internet usage.

          Whats that got to do with internet speed??

      Nothing to do with Internet speed. The Ratchet & Clank flew down the pipes from the US PSN store to my Australian home on Saturday morning...

        Sorry, "Ratchet & Clank demo" of course.

    So now the US effectively has 2 Video Stores while EU has None.

    Doesn't Sony own a Movie studio? You'd think they could at least make Sony properties available, while we wait for all the other studios to figure out who owns the rights.

    The good thing is they are offering it ASAP instead of making people wait (if Netflix is such a life-saving demand) for such said firmware update if thats all it would take.

    However - i dont care cause even if Netflix was available in Aus, i wouldn't be interested. Oh and theres the internet crap too and that needs a major makeover. Perhaps that 10 Years Younger in 10 Days but instead 10 Years Older? That way what we will get in *hopefully* 10 years we get, like, NOW?!

    In some ways, I really wish Netflix was available in Australia. However, the broadband caps so so crap and expensive here, it wouldn't be workable anyway.

    "Kotaku AU Note: Netflix is not available in Australia at all."

    Hey, f**K you American only internet services.

    I don't think it's Sony's fault that Netflix doesn't exist in Australia. I mean you can bag them for a fair bit, but this might not be one of them.

      That said where's my iView!!!!! Satiate my needs Sony.

    If you're waiting for free internet, I guess it will stay slow for you, otherwise pay the money and get on a faster plan. A decent ADSL2 connection should be suitable for most.
    There's plenty of options for most of the poplulation of Oz, it's just not free..

      ... or viable. The thing is its incredibly expensive compared to the US. Hopefully when they finish the high-speed internet upgrade by 2063 or whenever its gonna be in Australia, we'll get some decent connections for a fair price. Until then, we just cant keep up - especially when technology in America and Japan are moving so fast.

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