PlayStation 3 Wins The Console Ad War With A Little Montage

Sony's revamped PS3 marketing campaign has won us over, thanks to the efforts of unexpected console mascot Kevin Butler, VP of whatever the job requires. Tapping into the power of a good montage, SCEA's latest spot is its best yet.

Sure, it could use a little more footage from games that aren't Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Gran Turismo, Madden, The Beatles: Rock Band, Assassin's Creed II, Killzone 2 and Resistance 2—some Demon's Souls would've blended in quite naturally—but its clear Sony is starting to get epic.


    That advert was fucking awesome. I love the new ads so much. I hope Kevin Butler can become an icon for the ps3. They just need to show the ad on tv heaps more.

    They've done good. Just wish they'd done it friggin earlier. Barely had my PS3 1 year before they announced the slim.

    This is what they've been missing, down to earth ads.

    Sony's getting everything back in place again after this price drop, now they're getting way better sales than anything and its really going to start boosting them to the next level, they've still got some big name exclusives on the way and new things going for it down the tracks. Its looking good on Sony's side after a couple of years of agony.

    hah, that was actually pretty funny.

    Someone needs to make him the host of Sony's next E3 Press Conference.

    no ratchet & clank in montage, yes demons souls and a little god of war would of made this tops -nice ad anyways

    That was a fairly good and funny trailer for just marketing a down to earth ad =D

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