PlayStation Home "Not A Priority Right Now" Says SCEE Exec

Speaking at the London Games Conference yesterday, Sony's director of PlayStation Home in Europe said the virtual world accrues users who spend money and stick around for long stretches, but Home is nonetheless "not a priority right now."

"It's been a long road," Pete Edwards said, according to Edge Online. "We've proved there is a market out there and we've got a lot of people that spend a lot of time in [Home] . It's not a priority right now but there is a business model there."

Edge Online noted that Edwards himself said European users spent an average of 56 minutes in Home per session. So it's not like Sony's shelving or shutting down Home; he's just saying that investing further in its business model is not part of the strategy right now. Still, publicly deprioritizing PlayStation Home speaks loudly enough about how Sony feels about this project a year later.

PlayStation Home Not A Business Priority [Edge Online via Game Stooge]


    They finally feel the same way we all felt about it a year ago??

    the EU version is crap. we dont have anything T_T

    Shut it down, shut it, shut it down.

    I went into Home fell asleep, next day went again for the final time ever.
    There is no point to Home, there is no way I am paying for barbie dressups and run around aimlessly or wait in line for some crappy bowling game.

    I have deleted Home and all my friends with PS3's have done exactly the same.

    Am I the only one who just wants to play a proper game?

    This is why MS is making millions in profit and Sony is not.

    @ SCEE: And with that kind of attitude it never will be a priority...SCEE NEVER delivers...

    I think as a platform for finding other like minded individuals, it could be good. But yeah if I wanna play a game.. I do just that.

    European users spent an average of 56 minutes in Home per session.

    ^ They fail to say that this is the persons first and only session ^_^

      Lol. Is that taking into account the time it takes to install and uninstall? XD

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