Preload Left 4 Dead 2 Demo Now

If you pre-purchased Left 4 Dead 2 via Steam now's the time to start pre-loading the game demo, which is due to launch for early access on Tuesday, October 27.

Early access to the L4D2 demo is available for both retail (360, PC) and Steam (PC) customers. Those who pre-ordered via participating retailers should be able to pick up their early access codes this weekend and be ready to play on Tuesday when the demo launches.


    Won't be buying this from anywhere which has the censored version... so anywhere in australia. So no demo for me sadly.

    Ok, great. I won't be buying it until I know we're not getting the retarded censored version.

    What was the outcome of the appeal to the OFLC on the 20th?

    even the edited version was rejected.

    hows that for 'crap on a stick'

      Incorrect. An edited version of L4D2 was given an MA15+ rating several weeks ago. The Review Board last week upheld the original decision to refuse classification to the unedited version of the game.

    Preloaded and ready to go.

      I'm just wondering if the demo will be censored for Australian's as well? I got L4D2 pre-ordered via gift from friend in USA, and have pre-loaded the demo.

        If you preload it form an aussie server its going to be the cencered version so i would check that if i was u.. odds are

    GOD I hate the OFLC. What are we, children? I can legally drink, smoke, drive a car and own a gun. But god forbid I see animated violence in a video game!

    I won't be buying it unless there's a work around to get me the unedited version. This is infuriating.

      It's been said a million times before, but I'll say it again. The problem is not the OFLC, the main dilemma is South Australian Attorney General Michael Atkinson. He is the main reason why there is no R+18 rating for video games in Australia.

    But.. awww man. You got me all excited until I realised the PRE-ORDER thing. Unfortunately, Michael "Dickface" Atkinson, (no offense, I hear it's a real scary disease) has screwed the Australian public over YET again.

    Because of this, I'm pretty sure Valve lost a huge market for L4D2, which is unfortunate, because it looks to be a fantastic game.

    I'm buying in from the UK, GO BRITS! Thanks for making us realise the world isn't completely retarded.

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