Preorder The Dragon Age Digital Deluxe Edition On Steam

Dragon Age: Origins is now available for preorder on Steam. Should you purchase the normal version, or spend an extra $US15 on the shiny Digital Deluxe Edition?

Steam is unlocking Dragon Age: Origins on November 3, and it's got two different flavours of the game to choose from. Both versions come with the preorder exclusive Memory Band experience ring, The Stone Prisoner DLC and the Mass Effect 2 crossover Blood Dragon armour, as well as a Steam exclusive ring called The Wicked Oath, which adds 10 per cent to critical strike damage, improves your armour penetration and helps you regenerate stamina faster in combat.

So what do you get for an extra $US15 in the Digital Deluxe Edition?

First off, there's even more new content in the form of Warden's Keep, featuring quests that explore the Grey Wardens' original expulsion from Ferelden, new items and spells, and a base of operations where your character can store his or her stuff. The deluxe edition also comes with a special helmet, a magic staff and a grimoire that increases your attributes. All that, plus a selection of desktop wallpapers and a collection of music from the soundtrack for only $US15 above the normal price. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

Both editions are now available for pre-purchase via Steam.


    And if anyone else is wondering (like I was), it has been confirmed that the Blood Dragon Armour is platform independent; so if you get the PC version of Dragon Age, the code for it will still work for an Xbox copy of Mass Effect 2 (and vice versa).

      Where did you hear that, because i've been looking all over the net for that information?

      If it's correct you just made my day :)

      I heard that too, what I would like to know is can you do both? Say, use the one code to get the armor for a PC dragon age character and a 360 Mass effect character.

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