Prepare For A Left 4 Dead 2 Advertising Onslaught

Valve is expecting Left 4 Dead 2 to be its fastest-selling in the company's history, launching a $US25 million advertising campaign to make sure that happens.

The original Left 4 Dead sold like gangbusters, thanks largely to word-of-mouth, positive reviews, and the $US10 million that valve sunk into making sure everybody knew what the game was. The company now reaches even further, adding another $US15 million worth of advertising for a game that is already one of its bestselling titles.

"We'll be supporting Left 4 Dead 2's launch with a $US25 million campaign," said Doug Lombardi, Valve's vice-president of Marketing. "Left 4 Dead 2 has already set the record for greatest number of pre-orders in our company's history, and we're still over a month out from shipping."

In the US, that money translates into billboards, banner ads on gaming sites, and televised advertisements to run during UFC events and Monday Night Football. Europe will also see a ramp up in outdoor advertisements, along with print, television and website ads.

It sounds like Left 4 Dead 2 will be everywhere you want to be over the coming month. Those of us already aware of the game will just have to wait patiently for release, practicing our "Yes, yes - we know" expressions.


    I guess they're saving a bit on the Australian advertising budget this year...

    Damnit Australia.

    yeah.. Unless 1: R18+ gets in immediately for games or 2: The appeal goes through and it gets its M15+
    There'll be NONE OF THAT HERE!
    Thanks Atkinson for NOTHING AT ALL

    "It sounds like Left 4 Dead 2 will be everywhere you want to be over the coming month." Except Australia :/

    sooo, what happens if you preorder it from a site like cdwow for $45. I havent heard if steam will refuse to allow you to run it because im playing it in australia. Im hoping that the only problem would be a lack of local online servers/players, which doesnt matter because i plan to play alot of lan.

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