Prop Billboard Gives Up Resistance 3 Date?

Here's a billboard spied by a NeoGAF user down in Shreveport, La.. Note the details of the frame - bombed-out gas station, prices are 80 cents higher than the area's average. This is a movie set.

The NeoGAF user (goldsoundz) who spotted this says it's in an area of Shreveport commonly used for filming movies. Other GAFfers pieced together that it's probably for an upcoming movie called Battle: Los Angeles, which is produced by - ding ding ding - Sony's Columbia Pictures. The picture's release date is February 2011.

So, this Resistance 3 billboard would be an advertisement in the film, suggesting that 2011 is when the next Res is on the way. Check out the larger size pic:

The full uncropped pics taken by goldzoundz are over on NeoGAF. Note also the Resistance 3 logo - and the Statue of Liberty forming the vertex of the A. I guess the Chimera are going to lay waste to New York.

I've emailed a press contact for Insomniac Games to ask if they have any comment. Should any be given, I'll put it here.

Resistance 3 Announced? [NeoGAF via SF Console Game Examiner, thanks Matt, Jonathan, Kreyg, Michael, Vallanthaz and all who sent this in]


    I'm surprised if this is true, which i'm sure it would be. I mean - besides someone with no-life (but why would they even choose Resistance anyway) photoshop something like this.

    But Resistance 2 kinda bombed in sales compared to the first. I mean usually sequels kinda so better, especially when looking at FPS and other games like Halo, Call of Duty and i'm sure Uncharted 2 will sell more than the first.

    Sony doesn't really have that flagship title as yet. Xbox have Halo and Wii have their Sports range like Wii Fit or Sports etc... (i know Mario, but i'm talking this generation). Killzone 2 didn't sell MILLIONS upon MILLIONS but i would out that ahead of Resistance. I hope they don't waste all this money on a game thats going to bomb again...

    R2 didn't bomb. Its Platinum already
    probably more than 2 mil sales by now (VGChartz's tracking sucks)

    R1 came out launch day so its had a HUGE headstart

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