PS3’s The Getaway, Eight Days Have Not Been Abandoned

Sony's decision to put in-development PlayStation 3 games The Getaway and Eight Days on ice—partly to dedicate more effort to EyePet, partly due to one game's lack of online features—was a downer. But there's some good news.

According to Nicolas Doucet, producer and creative director at Sony Computer Entertainment London, neither title has been cancelled, necessarily, just "put to one side". He tells Gamekult (via Gamespot), that a faint glimmer of hope may still exist.

"Much work had been done," Doucet says, estimating that those games were at about the halfway mark in their development cycles. "The studio just wanted to focus on its strengths, EyeToy and SingStar. Given the potential of EyePet, priorities have been changed, but the other projects aren't dead yet."

Doucet says the decision by Sony Worldwide Studios head Shuhei Yoshida has "benefited everyone".

Sony London reveals new IP; Getaway 3, Eight Days 'not abandoned' [GameSpot]


    That's smart... Take a series of hardcore games well respected on ps and shelve them for eyepet.. A twobit side game which will lose it's appeal in seconds and requires the purchase of extra accessories most hardcore gamers won't bother buying. Sony you aren't nintendo stop thinking you are going to conquer the cutesy family market using this hardware marketed in this way. Your average gamer is a 25 yr old white male, cater to them ok... Feel like saying doh and slapping tretton and Kuturagi over the head... Hmmm photo realistic London crime thriller and apocalypse masterpiece over karaoke on the weekends. Noobs.

      Dude, I'd karaoke on the weekend over any "London criome thriller" and "apocalypse masterpiece" any day.

      Who do you think you are, above others for your elitist choice in gaming?

      "Your average gamer is a 25 yr old white male, cater to them ok"

      Please, don't just grab figures out of your ass. The world doesn't revolve around you, the percentage of women playing video games are growing, there are kids who will enjoy things such as Eyepet and people like me who love Singstar.

      The delusion that "hardcore" gamers are the only gamers who should be catered for is a joke.

      Actually, i think it might have been a smart move...

      The second Getaway didnt fair so well, so leaving a longer gap will leave the fans really craving, and the memories of the lesser sequel fade.

      Then also look at it like this... GTA was massive! Why try to compete with it when you know even if your game is better, GTA will win out on hype alone.... so you leave it on the back burner, still working on it, polishing ideas, new tech, and then once the GTA hype has died down, and people start craving some GTA style action again.. BANG! Bring out out the Getaway, fill the void and feed everyone's hunger for that style of game! They could afford to hold off releasing it by pushing other titles forward to keep the cash flow coming in to help fund these projects.

      I think its more of a well planned strategy just like in racing... come in for tires and fuel early with the other cars, or more fuel and pit in later for an advantage... will it work? Depends how quick those sony pit crew boys are!

      Casual games still appeal to hardcore gamers. I doubt there's a hardcore gamer out there who hasn't taken some time playing something by Pop Cap. It's just that most of it doesn't connect but every now and then there are casual titles that appeal to hardcore gamers due to their simplicity.

      We can't be grinding or in a scrim all the bloody time.

    I would much rather them get The Getaway fully finished than rush it out. Fingers crossed it will have the Piccadilly Circus hotdog trolleys being chased by bobbies and Russian Bloc degree-holders toting "Golf Sale" signs...

    And one can't forget the pay-toilets at the Burger King!

    *reminiscent sigh*

    Getaway is the hardcore game, I just hope these ps3 games sell millions because PS3 games havent yet sold a really big amount against the 360 and the wii.

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    p sssss 33333

    I cant help but feel this is a little to late. Sure I would love to see the Getaway make it to the PS3. However while the screen shots in 2005 did look fantastic. Now in 2009 they just don't cut it as much. I doubt even if it does make a release it will be not till late 2010 or possible 2011. By then will it really make the mark that it could have done in 2006/2007?

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