PS3 Cross-Game Chat Coming In Firmware Update?

PlayStation 3 owners may be getting a long-requested feature with the console's next firmware update: cross-game voice chat.

While the feature has been rumoured to be in development for months, a post on the official PlayStation forums today may have inadvertently confirmed its imminent release. "Naughty Dog Dev" ReklissAbandon wrote in response to player requests for enemy spectating in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves that PlayStation 3 cross-game chat might make that request unfair.

"But I will suggest it anyway," ReklissAbandon wrote. "Not to mention that the next PS3 firmware update is going to allow cross game chat. So if players use that instead of in game communication then they would also be able to communicate enemies positions."

That post was quickly deleted, leading some posters to take that as further confirmation that cross-game voice chat was coming, but not yet ready to be announced.

We contacted Sony Computer Entertainment to verify that slip of the keyboard, and received the following response: "As you know, we haven't made any announcements on upcoming firmware and don't comment on rumour or speculation."

Re: Elimination suggestion [PlayStation Forums]


    if the 360 can do it so can the ps3

      of course it can. but its a matter of implementing it in a way different to 360 or be prepared to either go to court or just cough up royalties for using their patented system of communication. either way i dont care. just give it to us already!
      i think its pretty decent confirmation if a dev is saying it. although i reckon his ass would be quite sore by now LOL poor prick hahahaha.
      we probably wont be getting this before xmas anyway would we? didnt sony say there will be no more substantial updates before xmas? although it would be a kick ass pressie if they gave it to us on xmas day.

        I've seen these kinds of comments before and they're laughable.

        Sony is not scared of implementing Cross Game Chat because of this oft-commented on patent. USA software patents mean nothing outside the USA and PS3 firmware isn't developed in the USA, it's developed in Japan.

        To add to that, in a US court of law, Microsoft would have to prove there is "innovation" behind their patent. That would prove somewhat difficult with many VoIP services going back years, not to mention PC and multi-platform software like Skype.


    lol thats funny, be prepared to fo to court over technology that has been around for a decade or more?, ive got news for you , 360 didnt event online voice chat.

    If Sony do give us cross game voice chat in the next firmware update, then there is nothing stopping them from giving us universal custom soundtracks as well. I for one really want custom soundtracks more than any other feature and I'm really hoping Sony can give us this feature, as well as voice chat, soon.

      Many games do support custom soundtracks at this point. The feature is dependent on the publisher of the game as it is now enabled in the PS3's firmware. One game, Ghostbusters The Video Game, actually allows you to play playlists and albums from your XMB. The Show 09 allows you to import your music to the game's own internal playlist.

    come on xbox get cross game chat because they pay for online so of course we get better features

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