PS3 Sales Up, PSP/PS2 Sales Down

Sony's Networked Products & Services Division (the PlayStation and VAIO businesses) is reporting a 24.2 per cent decrease in sales during the financial period ending September 2009 when compared to the same period in 2008.

"This decrease," states Sony, "was mainly due to lower VAIO PC and game sales." According to Sony, lower PS2 hardware and software sales as well as the appreciation of the yen negatively impacted business.

During the quarter, Sony sold three million PSP units, down from the 3.2 million units sold during the same period last year. PS2 sales dropped from 2.5 million units sold during this period in 2008 to 1.9 million units sold in the same period this year. PS3 sales, however, were up: 3.2 million units were sold during the period, compared with 2.4 million units some during the same time last year.

"An operating loss of ¥58.8 billion ($719 million) was recorded," states Sony, "a deterioration of ¥18.2 billion ($222.5 million) year-on-year, mainly due to a deterioration in profitability in VAIO PCs and the game business."


    You can't expect ps2 sales to actully GO UP. Its dying, slowly, gracefully. It will keep going down

    I don't think Sony are complaining about the PS2 in anyway. They're just acknowledging it is pretty much at an end now.

    Everyone thought it was at an end 2 years ago - but definitely not. I mean there are hardly any new games coming to the system except for Movie tie-ins and thats about it.

    Either way the PS2 is the most successful console ever. I really don't see any of the current-gen consoles matching that success. The Wii could make 100 but i don't think it will over-power the PS2.

    My thoughts are, altho its fun for those who don't pay video games often, a controller is still more superior. Non-motion that is.

    But then again, Nintendo refuse pretty much to release a new hand-held and just adding more crap to the DS trying to make it better (XL or LL excluded). So most likely they will do that with the Wii. (New colours for once, larger hard drive the next, then again with HD capabilities and then a Slim) so they can release all different versions but not all at once to gain more sales.

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