PSP: Attack Of The Minis

A mammoth update hit the Playstation Store early this morning, bringing with it more than 100 downloadable games. Included in the collection of classics and new full-blown titles were more than a half-dozen PSP Minis.

These diminutive titles all run less than $US10 and are designed to be quick bites that run on both the Playstation Portable and PSPgo.

Hit the jump for our even quicker impressions of them to help you decide where to spend your money.

Alien Havoc

Developer: Creat Studios Price: $US4.99 Impressions: Classic action play and an isometric point-of-view, makes this title fun and engaging. You play as an alien roaming endless farms in search of cows to carry off to your ship while avoiding farmers. Lots of fun, but no probing!


Developer: Hands-On Mobile Price: $US4.99 Impressions: Independent Games Festival winner for excellence in audio, BrainPipe is a trippy visual and auditory journey through the human brain with Tempest-like play. A must for anyone looking for a bit of pick-up-and-play.


Developer: Subatomic Studios Price: $US6.99 Impressions: A classic tower defence iPhone game with sharp graphics and controls make this a must mini for those not willing to shell out for the richer experiences of a full Playstation Portable title.

Funky Punch

Developer: Solus Games Price: $US4.99 Impressions: A funky concept and art don't make up for the fact that this is a very stripped down fighter. That might work for the iPhone, but with so much competition on the PSP, this is a pass.

Hero of Sparta

Developer: Gameloft Price: $US6.99 Impressions: Simplistic controls, muddled graphics and abysmal sounds turn what was a fantastic iPhone game into a oddly disjointed Playstation Portable experience.


Developer: Electronic Arts Price: $US4.99 Impressions: With KenKen slowly replacing Sudoku as the it brain twister, the puzzler still has a little life left in it. This mini's version of the number game doesn't include a lot of extras, but it offers a solid, easy to play version of the game with five levels of puzzles and a manual creation option.


Developer: Electronic Arts Price: $US9.99 Impressions: Featuring a dozen new modes, a glossary and even replays of "master" Tetris players, this first appearance of the classic Russian puzzler on the Playstation Portable is a terrific addition to the minis library. Most importantly, though, the mini nails the basics of Tetris control and play.


    No tetris for australia? :(

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