PSP Game Price Check: Playstation Store Vs. Used UMD

As of last week the Playstation Store is the only place PSPgo owners can go to pick up their games. Just how do the prices of the Sony-operated online store compare to the prices of the same games sold as used at retailers?

We checked with four online retailers and online shopping services to see how their prices compared to the ones found in the online Playstation Store. The results? A little surprising.

With only half of the top-rated Playstation Portable games (shown in order of ranking) currently available online, it's hard to do a meaningful comparison. It is interesting that the inability to find a particular used title can drive up the price in a store, but doesn't seem to impact its price online.

While the difference for many of the available games online often isn't substantial, the Playstation Store's relatively high price for a game like Wipeout Pure, which has been around for awhile and will run you nearly half the price in a store, is troubling.

Methodology: We used to find the 10 highest-rated games on the Playstation Portable. Prices were checked Sunday night. For used games we used the "like new" condition prices when available or "very good" condition when the service didn't include like new as an option. In the case of Google, we used Google Shopping to find the best price of a used title from a retailer.


    In Australia many Platinum games are cheaper brand new in UMD format (many under $20) than on PSN (around $30). The PSN range does need to expand quickly- esp in RPGs and action/shooters. Metal Gear Peacewalker may even be a console-selling title, but whether its the 3000 or the Go that people buy is a different matter.

    I would have thought they might introduce a Go-only pricing structure to differentiate and encourage people to lean to the newer format. The more games people get on their Go, the more attractive it looks to others- even if only in a "Pay more now, less later" way. I have 6 already and people cant believe that its all in there. Obviously this was always possible on a Pro Duo but lets not forget that was always an added $50 minimum for 16GB.

    WHY DID YOU DO THE COMPARISON THEN, NUMNUTZ?! You should have just done the highest rated available at launch, you goofball. The rest are a waste of time! Yeesh... One thing to consider, you can put a downloadable game on up to 5 different registered PSPs... I have three... ALL GAMES ARE LIKE 66% off to me!!! w00t!

    I think you missed the point of the whole article, Jose. Not everyone owns more than one PSP. And it doesn't make sense for Sony to charge such a high entry price for the Go (obviously covering the cost of the unit so there is no loss on hardware) and then still charge such a substantial mark-up on the games as well over brick and mortar stores.

    I don't like the Go, the controls don't do anything for me, it's dumb none of the X000 series accessories work with the go.
    AND THE DUMBEST THING EVER is no UMD drive, I will be getting a 3000. Although the Bluetooth addition is not a bad idea and so is the built in memory.

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