R4 Sales Get Shadier And Shadier

See those signs? They read, "Majikon" — Japanese for R4. And they are pointing into a random apartment building.

Nintendo leading the legal charge against the R4, even asking individuals to anonymously rat out retailers selling the devices. One Akihabara R4 retail shop recently closed due to "adult reasons" — some on the Japanese internet are inferring that the heat from Nintendo has caused the store to shutter.

R4 cartridges are used to pirate Nintendo DS video games.

This Den-Den Town "store" in Osaka is advertising its R4 wares with a sign board that reads, "These products are not illegal." The R4 exists in a grey area legally. There's a court injunction against the Chinese R4 makers for "violation under Japan's laws". Last year, Nintendo (and 53 other software companies) took action against the makers of the R4 cart.

Osaka is already home to the R4 vending machine.

Signs in the apartment building direct customers to the "shop".

This is not to say that R4 devices are not being sold openly in cities like Osaka and Tokyo, because they are. But for how long?

後を絶たないマジコン販売、任天堂やソフトメーカーが再提訴に踏み切るも営業続行 [GIGAZINE]


    I know of quite a few shops that sell them here in Australia.

      They are not illegal in Australia.

    They are sold pretty much everywhere outside of Japan. I for one am rather glad it's that way, or else I will never be able to find any game in Thailand. I would rather buy an authentic copy, but they simply don't sell it. T-T
    Can't wait for this whole digital distribution to go full force in next gen so I don't have to buy shitty ass pirated games anymore.

      "I don’t have to buy shitty ass pirated games anymore."

      Why do you buy them? I thought the whole point of this was that you pirate your games for free.

      Also please don't wish for Digital Distrobution, it is the satan of gaming.

        "Also please don’t wish for Digital Distrobution, it is the satan of gaming."

        I Agree 100% with you there, downloading music is ok for me but games and films/TV shows, just feels bad, i want the psyhical product.

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