Rare: 'Who Knows" Why Donkey Kong 64 Hasn't Hit The VC

Who knows? Maybe it has something to do with Rare being owned by Microsoft, and it and Nintendo being unable to decide who divides the loot. But yeah, answering a reader question, they don't know what the deal is either.

Asked in the latest RARE Scribes mailbag why Donkey Kong 64 isn't on the Wii Virtual Console, the guy delegated to answer this gave a throw-up-your-hands questions that sounds like earlier answers regarding Goldeneye and whether we'll ever see it again.

I have no idea why DK64 hasn't shown up yet, and whether Jetpac would still be in there or they'd replace it with Mario's Cement Factory (which ate about three years of my life as a child) or something. Or maybe a single-screen 2D shooty version of Jet Race would be more appropriate. Who knows? Not us, obviously, or we wouldn't be sitting here pitching clueless alternatives.

Sounds like a "don't ask me, I just work here," type of response. And who can blame 'em?


    Really hope this shows up one day or more importantly Nintendo needs to make a sequel.

      Me too i was one of the best games i have ever played!!

    its nintendos IP?

    Maybe because it wasn't a very good game and isn't really worth the translation?

    I'm still pissed at Nintendo and MS for not being able to agree about Goldeneye and Perfect Dark re-releases.

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