Raven Alexis Enjoys Sex On Camera, World Of Warcraft

Raven Alexis Enjoys Sex On Camera, World Of Warcraft

Our fellow bloggers over at sister site Fleshbot—don’t go there, it’s all naked boobs and erections!—offer a kind introduction to adult film star Raven Alexis, a self-confessed World of Warcraft “geek.”

After going through the “How long have you been doing hardcore?” motions, we get to the interesting stuff — Ms. Alexis’ five-year-long career in WoW, her preference for Star Trek: The Next Generation and Battlestar Galactica. I’m sure Crecente will do a follow-up in the name of journalistic integrity on par with his World of Whorecraft feature.

If this is the sort of thing you’d like to retain in your memory bank—people who play World of Warcraft and regularly have sex on film—you may want to do some “reading” over at Fleshbot. Just remember, they card at the door.

Meet Raven Alexis: Your WoW-Playing, Star Trek-Loving, PC-Modding Crush Object [Fleshbot]


  • This is hardly newsworthy for a website like this. Websites like this would soon get boring if they reported on every semi-famous person who plays a computer game.

    • “Newsworthy”?

      I would consider it a mashup of two things that an average gamer (being male and 20-30) would love! Games and Porn that is.

      Much like the How It Should Have Ended.com mashup of Terminator and Back To The Future.

      Except with genitals.

  • It’s for the lols bra, because a porn star is pretending to play wow and like stargate or whatever so the site attracts new audiences.

    Kotaku does things for the lol’s

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