Reader Review: Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box

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This review was submitted by Ben Latimore. If you’ve played Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box, or just want to ask Ben more about it, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box (PC)

Speed, speed… whoops, crashed. Burnout Paradise comes to the computer, with a new open world. But does the new concept work for it?


Open World: The conversion from the earlier World Tour modes to an open world works fantastic, with just a couple of little problems here and there, but nothing too major.

Freakin’ Gorgeous: Every individual piece scrap metal in the game is just BEAUTIFUL – you really become immersed in the environment.

It’s Showtime! The new crash mode – some people have been sticking dings in it; me, I love it. Causing multiple-street pileups really makes my day.

Blaster Soundtrack: Everything from good songs to classic Burnout music to just classical music, the soundtrack was perfectly picked, and the music never feels out of place here. Who doesn’t love Guns ‘n’ Roses?

Party! Party! Party! Hundreds of challenges to take with your friends online will keep you busy for weeks, not to mention having a Party with friends at the same computer.


A.I.: The AI has a few nicks at it – it doesn’t know where the shortcuts are, and usually you can take them out in one fell swoop – unless in Marked Man, where they do the same to you.

We’re Lagging Behind: The PC doesn’t have Big Surf Island or Cops and Robbers yet – come on, Criterion! We want them too!

Burnout is always an awesome game, and the Paradise incarnation is no exception. The requirements are a bit high, but it’s a great thrillride that will keep you hooked.

Reviewed by: Ben Latimore

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