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This review was submitted by Jim Smith. If you’ve played NBA 2K10, or just want to ask Jim more about it, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

NBA 2K10 (PS3)

2K Sports' 10th anniversary edition of the game. A not-so-happy anniversary for NBA2K fans.


My Player: Create yourself, go through the Summer Draft Camp and get signed to the NBA. It's an engaging, deep feature that has a lot of potential for the series' future.

NBA Today: A great feature for the casual player who wants a bit more variety than playing just one team for the season, and it keeps you as close as possible to the real NBA action.

Better Presentation: It's much more like watching a game on TV. From pre-game cutscenes to updated, more dynamic commentary, the presentation has taken a real boost this year.


Glitches/Frame rate: This game is glitch city. Routine texture issues, slowdown, players teleporting across the court, and much, much more really slam the brakes on the gameplay, and can render it near unplayable at times.

Player Control: Trying to move your player to any given spot on the court is an exercise in the absurd. Awkward, clunky and a big step backwards for the series.

AI will move your player on D: Clunky controls aren't helped by the fact the guy your supposed to be controlling will often run all over the court without you actually giving him the input. It seems like the AI's way of getting CPU players open shots. Annoying as hell.

Online bugs: If you love playing online, you'll hate NBA2k10. Online features are virtually inaccessible to date.

Player models: Some players look good, while others look plain hideous. Paul Pierce's face looks like its melting.

Choppy animations: Animations this year are choppy and don't flow together. The problem is exacerbated by the poor frame rate.

Impossible defence: While it seems the CPU will have no trouble defending you, you'll have big trouble defending them. No more lock-on defence.

Same old issues: AI, post play, and recurring issues the series is known for have not received any attention. They're still there and they're still annoying.

The arrival of a patch expected soon may fix some of the big issues, but the only real reason it seems worth buying is the up-to-date rosters; 2K let a lot of people down this year trying to fix something that wasn't really broken. I'd recommend picking up a cheap copy of 2K9, the core gameplay being much more solid.

Reviewed by: Jim Smith

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    wow, i was planning on picking it up this weekend after playing the demo last night. does anyone know if these problems carry over to the Xbox360 version?

    dammit, i'll have to look at reviews now, instead of impulse buying. :(

      The issues carry over the 360 version too from what I know, and in some cases have been worse (the complaints section at the 2kSports forum has been buzzing for weeks).

      I also noted reviews on some of the more well known sites don't appear to take into consideration the sheer amount of issues/glitches this game has which makes me think they didn't have much time with the game. On face value 2k10 can seem like a big update, but once you play through 2 or 3 full games, I think you'll really notice the sheer amount of issues this game has- the slated patch fix has a list of fixes over a page long. There are many things that I think unfortunately cannot be fixed by a patch however.

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