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This review was submitted by James Burt. If you’ve played with the PSPgo, or just want to ask James more about it, leave your thoughts in the comments below.


The PSPgo is Sony's venture into the world of "Digital Distribution". The portable relies only on downloaded software that you purchase either using the PSP itself or the Media go software bundled with the device.


No UMD: The PSPgo has no UMD drive. Everything you buy for the new portable is strictly a digital affair through the Playstation Store and saved on the internal 16gb storage drive. The only exception is that M2 memory sticks that can be used to store music/video/games.

Design: The new design is tiny, shiny and extremely cool. The screen is slightly smaller than the original PSP, but that only makes the games look better.

Buttons: All the new buttons are extremely nice to press and have a cool feel to them, especially the new L & R buttons that feel like they are floating on air.


Price: Yep, the price is a huge downfall for the portable. With the recommended price just under a new PS3 Slim, it's a hard sell if you don't already have all the other consoles out there. Not everyone will be able to justify the entry price.

The PSPgo is a very nice portable; its super small size and better quality screen makes it the best PSP available. If you already have a PSP, and own an enormous library of UMDs, then stick with it. The PSPgo is suited best for someone that wants a PSP and doesn’t care about having physical media. But is that really worth almost as much as a PS3?

Reviewed by: James Burt

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    Personally i would have added

    One Company to Rule them all.

    In that with Sony as the only avenue to get to the digital copy of these games it means that they can charge what they like, and it's harder to correct a screw up. for example i believe on the PSN atm Disgaea is $10 in the US store and like $60 in the Aussie store? or something silly like that. With other retailers in the PSP game market, prices were reasonable, there were sales, and just like PS3 games after awhile prices tended to drop. I don't see this on the PSN with games from the release of the PS3, year ago, still selling at full price.

      monster hunter freedom unite is $31 on sale on the PS store which is fantastic value but i agree the majority of stuff is over priced, DLC should be cheaper than physical media no matter what, $8.45 is fine for ps1 titles, but $60 for old games you can get for like $20 if you go through the bargain bins is crazy,

        Agreed on both counts, paying for Ps1 classics, like $15 for FFVII is a bargain,( on a side note why do they put out crap like 'a bugs life' and make a big deal about it. they should port classics like FF tactics over to PAl stores! /rant) and you can play them on both Ps3 and PSP, so awesome! But the problem is without a UMD option bargain bins are a thing of the past for PSP games. sure there will be sales on the PSN, but i doubt it will be the same. IMHO the PSPgo could have been an awesome way for people to play classic games they missed out on, without dusting off the old Ps1. As it stands i think few people will be paying extortionate fees to play games from 10 years ago, which is a pity.

    If we had the same store as the US one, then it'd be *slightly* more attractive. As we get a fairly undersized bastard version of it, it's a pretty crap setup.

    (Yes, I'm filthy we can't get Prinny or Disgaea on our PSN store)

    I dont know if i could justify myself into spending nearly $400 for something that looks flimsy and weak.

      You should hold one then. They feel nice and solid!

      Also @ Aaron, Prinny is available on the Aussie PSN. No Disgaea though. :(

    I could justify buying one of these for $400 if that included $150 in PSN credit (thus making the console worth ~ $250)

    I know that video game retailers used to use the old "we have to pay for shipping" line to justify high prices for games but now there's no excuse why we shouldn't have the same library of games at the same prices.

    Regards price: PSP Go is currently $400 and includes 16GB memory built in. PSP3000 currently $300 with no memory- even 2GB Pro Duo is around $30- 16 GB over $100. More and more games will require Memory Stick storage for DLC- eg Monster Hunter Freedom Unite- which obv is not available on UMD.
    Overall I still think the Go is a solid option for a buyer new to PSP format- less so if they were expecting to buy traded UMDs as a main source of games. I myself have never in 2 years found a 2nd hand game worth buying- seemingly the good PSP games are retained. The price discrepancy between UMD instore and PSN store is not right, there are bargains, not least of all in some solid PS1 titles. Surely it would be worth lowering prices to increase downloads, even tempting 'old' PSP owners to download rather than buy UMD. Monster Hunter under $32 on PSN, $60 instore.
    Im happy with my Go- already play it more than I ever did my PSP1000. Feels solid, comfy, and battery life is quite good. Slide action is reliable and smaller footprint is great. Finally truly pocket-sized.

    Thanks for posting this, i got a huge kick out of it.

    I've used the Pspgo almost constantly since i bought it, don't regret it one bit.

    Can anyone tell me if their hands get cramped using the PSPgo? Layout looks a little cramped to me.

    Also, my 2 cents on game price politics:

    AU$1.00 = US$0.92 as of today, so I see no reason why our prices shouldn't be the same, if not very close, to US prices.

      Re: pricing. Most Australian games publishers don't do business in US dollars, so the exchange rate is irrelevant. Even if it was, do you really expect them to change the prices of their games every day to account for exchange rate fluctuations?

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