Reader Review: You, Me & The Cubes

Reader Review: You, Me & The Cubes
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Do you have what it takes to get a review published right here on Kotaku? Alistair does, as he practises how to toss in this Wiiware puzzler.

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This review was submitted by Alistair Christie. If you’ve played You, Me & The Cubes, or just want to ask Alistair more about it, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

You, Me & The Cubes (Wii)

You, Me & The Cubes is a co-op puzzler on Wiiware. The game tasks players with throwing pairs of little people called Fallos on to a block of one to six cubes. Balancing the cubes is crucial, lest the poor Pikmin-like creatures fall in to oblivion.


True co-op: The design works well in single player, but makes more sense in co-op. In co-op, simultaneous throws are rewarded with extra sticking power and may be required to take enemies out. Co-ordinating placement together adds an extra layer of challenge too.

Bleak: The black space the cube(s) are suspended in and the cries of the Fallos as they fall in to the void make it feel like a grim struggle for survival.


Gimped co-op: True co-op is great fun, but I wish it was as substantial as the 36-stage single player campaign. The design and name of the game (get it now?) suggest co-op would be the priority, but bafflingly, only four stages are offered.

Aka useless motion controls. Throwing Fallos with a down motion is tolerable, but generating Fallos with an upswing is unreliable and frustrating.

You, Me & The Cubes offers an undeniably unique experience, but the shallow co-op and 1000 point cost prevent a total recommendation.

Reviewed by: Alistair Christie

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