Ready At Dawn Makes Its Own Game Dev Platform

Ready At Dawn Makes Its Own Game Dev Platform

Ready At Dawn gives its experience and expertise back to the development community with the Ready At Dawn Engine, a comprehensive game development platform that contains everything a company needs to make AAA console titles.

In order to develop a title for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 or even the PSP, developers have to piece together middleware applications for 3D content editing, audio, user interface, asset management and more. God of War: Chains of Olympus developers Ready At Dawn are looking to make the whole process a little easier, integrating its own code-base with to tool providers works to create the Ready At Dawn Engine, “the only comprehensive and fully integrated console game development platform”.

“At Ready At Dawn Studios, we are faced with the challenges of making a great game everyday,” Didier Malenfant, president, Ready At Dawn Studios, said. “We are building something for developers who are tired of the challenges of PC engines shoe-horned into consoles, or trying to stitch together layers upon layers of middleware from multiple vendors. Our solution will be a complete game development platform that simply works.”

The Ready At Dawn Engine supports PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PSP development, with the company offering tailored evaluations of each project’s needs to ensure that developers get the most out of the package.

It should be amazingly useful to dev teams making the switch from PC to console, and it’s great to see this sort of support from one developer to others. Nicely done, Ready At Dawn.

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