Real Racers Talk Forza 3

In these two new videos, F1 driver Stephane Sarrazin and Takata time attack driver James Elterman discuss the level of realism Turn 10 has packed into Forza Motorsports 3.

The story of James Elterman finding a cheap livery designer via the Forza community forums is inspiring, but I'm much more interested in watching Peugeot 908 Le Mans driver Stephane Sarrazin take a drive through courses he's raced on in cars he's familiar with. The fact that he can hop onto the game and clock a time one millisecond over his actual race time is simply mind-boggling.


    "2 tenths of second", not 1 millisecond.

    Also (and more importantly), what steering wheel is he using in that video? It doesn't look anything like the poxy MS wheel?

      The steering wheel is the Porsche 911 Turbo S from these guys and was featured at E3 with Forza this year. Should be coming out soon.

        Not here unfortunately, it only has Europe and USA distribution. They've said Australia isn't a big enough market, according to the forza 3 forum.

      The fanatec wheel will be sold in Australia, the wheel will be bought direct from Fanatec DE and shipped locally by HES (home entertainment suppliers) in AU to cut shipping costs (they will be acting as a wharehouse of sorts for the wheels), no confirmation of a date as of yet though. Send them an email if you are interested, they will let you know the details.

    It would be great if *just once* there was a 'real-life' personality-meets-gamer story where the gamer wasn't chronically over-weight.

    I'm pretty sure that is the fantech wheel

    and millisecond in this sense is just a saying, or hyperbole.. lighten up cowboy ;)

    Ok, watched the video. I assume those three screens and moving chair come with the limited edition... right!?!

    Also, that livery editor dude getting his work put on a real car is totally awesome.

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