Record Sales For Scary Games, Reuters Dates Dead Space 2

News source Reuters says scary video games are having "a record year as zombies, monsters, demons, and chain-sawing wielding psychos fight against the consoles, making video games the new home of horror for some".

Nice qualifier, there. After all, not everybody is sold on the scariness of some games.

The article goes on to quote video game industry analyst Michael Pachter of Wedbush Morgan Securities as saying that horror video game sales are up this year from last. By September 2009, they'd scared up $US147 million in sales compared to the $US131 million they brought in throughout 2008.

Best part, though, is where they got Freddy Krueger actor Robert Englund to explain why video games are scary:

"Halloween gives fans the chance to dress up in costumes and celebrate horror, but video games are the best way for fans to actually participate in these worlds," he told Reuters.

The second best part? Reuters says that Dead Space 2 will be out in 2010. According to the piece, "'Dead Space 2' is in development for next year." See you next year!

Horror video games scare up record sales [Reuters] Image Cred


    +1 for Dead Space 2.

    Just longer game, more weapons and content please!

    Zombies & Apocalyptic type games are equivalent to what Vampires are for Books, TV Shows and Movies these days.

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