Remember This?

remember this 091013Can you guess this old game from just one screenshot?

I’ll update this post with the answer at 5pm today if no one has guessed before then. Or if you do guess it before then, feel free to share your memories of a classic game.

Good luck!


    I'm positive that's Red Barron!

    easily one of my favorite games i used to play on my old ibm 386!

    Red Baron. Go Dynamix!

    I want to say red baron, but the graphics are a bit too bright.

    DAM IT! I know this one... but cant remember the name. I think Microprose made it... dam dam dam! I had it on my amiga....

    AGHHH! Cant remember!


      I REMEMBER NOW! =)

        Well done, Mark. Knights of the Sky it most certainly is. And on the Amiga, too.

    Is it Red Baron on the Amiga? Looks quite a bit like it.

      YAY! I GOT ONE! =)

    looks like Wings for the Amiga.
    played this bastard all through years 5 & 6 at school lunchtime.

      My brother and I played that through to disk 5 of 6, to find disk 6 was corrupt!

    Red Baron? If so hell yeah! Fighting zepplins in a bi-plane for the win!

    Red Baron ?

    Wings for the Amiga. Probably the best of the Cinemaware games.

    Is it Blumax or Red Baron for pc or amiga?

    I'll throw something different in
    "Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe"

      SWOTL was WWII I'm afraid. Knights of the Sky as someone said earlier. I had the PC version, and loved it :D


    I played this on my Amiga Commodore 64 when i was like 9! I fkn loved it and it made me love jets because it was so wide open, you could fly everywhere - for the technological limitations of the time it was incredible.

    oh god I loved wings. someone remake wings. just gonna say wings again. wings.

    Its may not be wings.. but yes, Wings was frickin good..

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