Reminder: Gran Turismo 5 Is Still Pretty

Sure we won't be able to play Gran Turismo 5 until sometime early next year, but we can look at it all we want with this latest batch of screens.

As we're fond of pointing out, all of these screens come from replay mode, where the game looks so amazingly realistic it could run over your cat. Replay mode is my preferred Gran Turismo mode, preferably after someone who knows how to play the game gets finished. Replay mode after I get finished driving is like one of those drunk driving course propaganda films, only in HD.


    That is not replay mode, they are bullshots which could of been taken in a photo mode (which GT5 is meant to have).

    MMmmmm.... Droooooool....

    Is this Full HD? Pretty pointless having screens that aren't 'in-game'

    Dear Kotaku,
    Seriously, a little gallery would go a long way in making the pages nicer.

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