Report: Nintendo Releasing New DSi With Larger Screen For Japan

There's a new Nintendo DSi coming. And it's coming this year to Japan, boasting a larger 4-inch screen and... well, a larger 4-inch screen, according to a report from the reliable Nikkei news service.

According to that report, which appeared in the Nikkei newspaper and has since made its way online, the price for the new, larger DSi will remain the same, 18900 yen (around AU$224). The large screen DSi, three-quarters of an inch larger than the current model, is said to be aimed at an older market, the type who likes big buttons on their telephones and large print books.

While the jumbo Nintendo DSi is planned to hit Japan this year, says the Nikkei, a release elsewhere is said to be under discussion. Nintendo announced the original DSi in a similar fashion, officially unveiling the device last October then releasing it domestically before the end of the year.

We're checking in with Nintendo of America for comment and will update if they have anything interesting or confirming to say.

Nintendo To Release Large-Screen DSi In Japan [Nikkei - subscription required]


    So this would be where the Tegra is going?

    By the sounds of it it'll have the same resolution?

    Sounds good anyway, I find I hold my DS far too close to my face and a larger screen would allow me to stretch out a bit.

    Larger screen + same resolution = More Pixel... doh

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