Report: PSPgo Flops In Australia

Report: PSPgo Flops In Australia

The PSPgo has been a sales flop in Australia, according to official GfK sales figures showing Sony’s new handheld had sold fewer than 1000 units in its first week.

Industry sales tracker GfK doesn’t make sales figures public, but the Sydney Morning Herald has obtained the first week stats. Its anonymous source claims that “Sony had sold fewer than 1000 units of the PSP Go in Australia during its first full week of launch.”

Sony did not deny the claim, however Sony Computer Entertainment Australia boss Michael Ephraim did say the PSPgo had in fact sold “slightly over 1000” units.

The PSPgo has struggled under the weight of a high recommended retail price and a lack of support from retailers, most notably the refusal of EB Games, Australia’s largest games retailer, to stock the handheld at all.

PSP Go a no-go as Sony struggles for sales [SMH]


    • i woulda gone out and brought one if it wasnt for 2 things

      my internets is appalling and im garunteed they wont be unmetered downloads and my downloads dont last half a month as it is

      2 third party titles wont be released on the system as an enforcement only an option

      price is a little high but so is the DSI and it has what a camera(useless) and the download store and they still want an extra 100 dollars on top of the lite

  • It’s hilarious to read this then see the very next story is titled “Sony: Playstation Continues To Redefine Entertainment”.

  • I guess that’s what happens when you try to sell a four year old handheld for almost half a grand. Godd job Sony.

  • The more sony try to market this as something other than a game playing machine the more it will sink, did they not learn anything from the ps3 launch?

  • Not surprising really, considering the amount of hate directed towards Sony over the Go. I think it’s unjustified though as the PSPgo is the best iteration of the PSP yet. Yes it costs a little more, but IMO it’s worth spending an extra $100 now if it means you don’t wanna upgrade again in 18 months time.

    I get the feeling that other than the price people may not be ready for digital distribution. It’s a shame, but I guess change is always unpopular at first.

    For the record I love my PSPgo and am glad to finally have a PSP I can carry around without hassle.

      • And I’m sure that most of the rest of Australia who know what the GO! is certainly don’t.

        However, I’m certainly not dissing your purchase though. If you’re happy with it, then all is well. I certainly see no use for it (especially for the price it is and how it screws me out of using my previously purchased games), but value is in the eye of the beholder, so I’m happy for you. ^^

  • Being that it no longer has the UMD drive, no doubt a large contributor to the price of other PSP models, shouldn’t the price of the UMD-less Go be similar to that of the PSP 3000..??? so they added bluetooth, whoopdee freaking Doo.. its a games console not a mobile phone. I’d be more impressed if they added a parachute that launches when a falling motion is detected. ive said this elsewhere, i’ll say it here, i dont like this “digital revolution” in which hard copies of everything will soon be museum items. i like cartridges and discs! they symbolize owning the game. fragile some say.. well.. i say its more fragile when it can be deleted from existence by accidentally pressing a button.
    as long as your not some obnoxious clumsy oaf who plays dodge ball with a console in his pocket, solid copies of games can last for YEARS.
    using a card online is risky, some dont like it, and it seems silly to have to buy a playstations online card from a store, to take home to use online, to then spend hours (in my case it’d be like 4-5 hours) waiting for a game to download.
    Now why are we paying $450 dollars for that!!??
    i dont like it, some might, but i know from what i read about the GO its not seeming to favored.

      • no i get the point, its ‘easier’, more compact, more capabilities… i just prefer the old school methods, dont be down on me for that.

      • I fail to see the advantages of digital distribution explained other than the fallacy of “it’s newer so it must automatically be better”. Digital distribution may have had success for music, but it’s still a niche for movies, and it’s still highly unproven for video games.

        Consumers know that digital distribution is a bad value and a ripoff. That’s exactly why the PSP Go flopped. You can argue all you like about stupid futurism, but the hard numbers are there.

    • I too, had a preference for physical media, but I realised that the preference was little more than misguided sentimentality. Physical storage media (discs etc.) are quickly becoming anachronisms. They’ve served their purpose, it’s time to move on to more efficient means of content dissemintation. People are clinging onto them because they’ve only been around for a relatively short time span, and many didn’t expect such an abrupt obsolescence.

      I should point out that my opinion on this matter is somewhat extreme – I have recently become befuddled as to why we as a society continue to bother printing books, magazines and newspapers.

      • being sentimental is good, dont discard it.
        i’d get the Go myself, if it were a hundred bucks cheaper or so, you know, closer to its actual value.. i could deal with the losing the physical games aswell. i guess its something that will end up completely digital.. but when things digitalise they mean alot less, if you lose that sentimentality thats not ‘over coming a mental wrong’ thats just getting to a state where nothing really phases you.. when ya like that what is there to look forward too?

      • On the one hand, absolutely, digital will be the way things will be sooner or later.

        The reason I like to have the physical media is for things like a HDD failing, resale etc. Discs days are numbered, but they’re still going to be around for a while…

      • …because the printed word will still be a human compatible format in 500 years?

        With the hundreds (thousands?) of formats being used for electronic data and the various storage mediums, the big problem in future will be retaining acquired knowledge and being able to readily access it.

        As for physical data, yes I’ve ripped my entire CD collection to several computers (and wish I could access all my DVDs digitally as well just as easily…) but I’m not about to get rid of them because they’re 1’s and 0’s on a hard drive somewhere.

    • None of these comments mention that weather or not digital distribution is better or the future, in Australia it is for the moment basically gimped because of our internet. Once that is fixed then we can talk about digital distribution. This is one of the reasons as I see it that this console has sold so poorly in Australia.

  • I wonder why the PSP Go is struggling here in Australia, maybe because people that were tempted to get it decided to fork over the extra $50 and get the PS3 slim?

    • Perhaps that was there intention all along, unless they really are stupid and thought that people would pay so much.

  • It’s ok guys, they’re already working on a PSPgo slim 🙂

    but in all seriousness, at worst it’s a good idea executed badly. maybe if sony are lucky this particular unit will take off over the next couple of years, perhaps not :), but i like the idea and i want to see more dl based handhelds (and i know EB doesn’t like the idea and that makes me like it even more!)

  • I know the price point stinks but for the record I love my PSP go. I signed up for the rewards program and picked up 3 great games, sure I had a PSP 2000 and 5 UMDs, but transition has gone well.

    The design has meant less hand cramps, better visuals and improved logisitcs thanks to the lack of a UMD drive.

    This news probably means publishers will forget Australian consumers all the more when it comes to digital releases which in turn means I have a Game Gear Mark II.

  • How to fix the PSPGo in Australia

    1. Partner with a number of big ISP’s to make PSN downloads free

    2. Drop the price to at LEAST $349

    3. Negotiate with Sony Computer Corp and have them add that a digital download MUST be provided when building UMD games (how sony have not added this to their development contract yet is beyond me)

    4. Ensure that never again a PSP game is not added to PSN week in week out.

    5. Come up with a way to get UMD based games downloadable. That is the systems biggest failing. They have just basically screwed current owners over bigtime.

    6. Build a PS3/PSPGo pack, $700 gets you both. Watch it fly. Makes sense as they pretty much rely on each other to an extent.

    7. Stop building 3000 bundles. If you keep pushing your current hardware, the new one will not flourish, especially $150 more to be perceived to be getting less.

    8. Ultimately to have Go or digital download only systems a success, publishers are going to have to man up and tell Retailers to get off their high horse and accept lower prices.

    9. ADOPT WIDESPREAD SELLING OF PSN CARDS. European PSN cards are a JOKE right now.

    Sony, its not hard and doing all that will significantly help you.

    • Don’t forget making anything that’s released in the US or Japan available on the PAL store, or just getting rid of the whole regional lockout entirely. Digital distribution as Sony’s model dictates is a step back into regioning, except there’s no way to work around the lockout any more.

      • Sony (and any other company for that matter) can’t just switch to a single store offering the same content everywhere.

        They can only offer content that has been classified by the ACB to Australian residents, so even if they got rid of the price differentials between the different countries’ stores there would still be cases where a game would be available in one place but not others.

      • Actually online content is covered by the broadcasting services act in which only content hosted in Australia can be banned, whilst the most that can be done for that hosted overseas is to have it added (after a complaint I might add) to a filter which anyone is free to use (or not). Unless it’s extremely seriously illegal content.

  • I got my PSP on its Australian launch, for something like $399 (keeping in mind that was about 2005, and when a 512mb card would set you back well over $100, plus games… I spent nearly $700 on the fucker) I played games on it about three times, watched a portion of a UMD movie, and it has literally been sitting in my bottom drawer ever since… they made so many mistakes with the PSP to begin with… the two that got me the most being one thumbstick, and annoying disks you had to carry around. I think people (in Aus at least) aren’t embracing it so much because possibly it’s taken Sony the better part of five years to fix what killed it in the first place, also because of the price, and the hacking situation… and also, because if I had to guess, I’d say the PSP2, an actual hardware upgrade will be released or at least announced in the next 12 months.

    I WANT a portable, but seriously, it’s gonna have to be a hugely different device to make me shell out. It needs two thumbsticks as well as a touch screen… It needs a HARD DRIVE, of at least 60gb… it needs to play PS1 and PS2 games, if not as downloads, but with some way of transferring them… and most of all they need to seriously rethink the way they distribute games.

    • Don’t forget the IR port that was never utilized for anything.

      Years ago there was a Sony sponsored questionnaire that asked if we’d like to to be able to use the PSP as a programmable remote, among other things. Of course, that idea went out the window with the first Slim.

  • The problem isn’t so much price as it is content. We discussed it on the show and on our website how poor the content is. The link belows shows what Australia and Europe got as oppossed to the Americans. We’re also still yet to get Tetris as a mini and PSOne classics like Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill. I also read a story that third party’s don’t even have to publish PSP games on the store – so if they don’t have to do that then what do PSP Go owners have to play?

  • The sad thing is i like my PSP Go and think its the best iteration of it yet. It really does feel good in your hands and having it being able to be taken with you anywhere in your pocket is awesome. But the 450$ is ludicrous, i traded in for mine and got it down to 210$ through Game, don’t regret it either as I like the Go, but 450$ outright is completely ludicrous.

    But there are ways you could of fixed it Sony, the price should of been no more than 350$. Why the hell is Game the only store in Aus that is selling PSN Cards, seriously Sony, its been three years and you can’t even get that sorted out. Freaking Nintendo had there’s out from launch. That’s right the company with the worst online setup for multiplayer or any sort of friend interaction, the worst online setup of the bunch this gen and they still had their points cards from the get go. For all the good things Sony did this year They also have made the stupidist mistakes.

    In some way as much as i love the Go, i don’t think they should of launched it, they should of just kept focus on delivering A grade games for the PSP. Afterall isn’t that one of the things people complained about with the PSP for the last 2 years?

  • If they added more features to it and made it more than the x000 series it is completely the same except with bluetooth and in built memory even the ram and cpu as the same and the price $450 odd ???

    You can buy a 160Gb PS3 Slim for what $500? and it can do mmm blu-ray / full internet / more advanced games and more and at least has a better layout for the controls.

    And add to the fact you need a credit card and wireless (now via bluetooth you can connect) to actually get any games for it.

    It is still overpriced and not anything more than the x000 series which are like $280 and are coming with games and stuff.

    Buy a PS3 Slim for that price =)

  • I purchased my PSP GO from the states at $249 US which came to approx $280 Australian. How do they think they are going to sell any units here in Australia with the cheapest PSP GO selling for $398?


  • No UMD support is the killer, why pay 100 more for no UMD ?? lol makes no sense.

    PSN games are iver priced compared to UMD counterparts, why is this when SONY cut the middleman out?

    They should be cheaper

  • This doesn’t surprise me, the general public dont know what it is.

    Only this week have i seen commercials on tv, i expect the number to rise slightly this month.

    Plus, 1000 is more than they would have sold on the original pspo had the go not come out.

    So sony gained 1000 sales… aposed to none

  • i think the problem is, in america, they have these HUGE UNCAPPED (OR HARD TO CAP) internet services, on the other hand here in Australia, downloading a PSP game or two is going to make a bit of dent in out monthly internet (Esp those of us stuck with services like 3G.) GG Sony

  • I’m a sony fan but they really dropped the ball marketing wise on this one. Where the ads playing at all hours convincing me how great it was? Where were the huge posters in JB Hi-Fi telling me to count the sleeps before it came out? And why does the box not say anything other than it’s “The smallest psp ever”. Maybe in a few years the marketing will be good like the new PS3 ad campaign.

  • You also have to remember that digital download isnt very big in Australia.
    I’m only on the 30GB limit with TPG, (saving money) and I can think of many other uses(besides porn) to use up my download limit, and honestly, 2-3gb games arent even a small part of it.

    I would much rather have a proper game in my hands, and be able to play that, and hand it around to my mates to play, than using digital downloads.

  • Simon Hutchinson: Well said. Let’s not forget however, that PSN downloads can be put onto 5 PSPs- I have already got Gran Turismo on my Go and PSP1000. As such one does no longer need to buy 2 UMDs to network play. Obviously you can ‘share’ games with friends for no extra cost. This may contribute to ‘high’ price. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is currently under $32- nearly half retail price on UMD- hopefully this discounting on PSN will be a steady thing to generate traffic.

    I still think the Go is good value as long as a buyer does not already have a library of UMDs that are not transferable, or want cheap UMDs preowned. I myself have never bought one preowned UMD.

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