Report: PSPgo Flops In Australia

The PSPgo has been a sales flop in Australia, according to official GfK sales figures showing Sony's new handheld had sold fewer than 1000 units in its first week.

Industry sales tracker GfK doesn't make sales figures public, but the Sydney Morning Herald has obtained the first week stats. Its anonymous source claims that "Sony had sold fewer than 1000 units of the PSP Go in Australia during its first full week of launch."

Sony did not deny the claim, however Sony Computer Entertainment Australia boss Michael Ephraim did say the PSPgo had in fact sold "slightly over 1000" units.

The PSPgo has struggled under the weight of a high recommended retail price and a lack of support from retailers, most notably the refusal of EB Games, Australia's largest games retailer, to stock the handheld at all.

PSP Go a no-go as Sony struggles for sales [SMH]


    This doesn't surprise me, the general public dont know what it is.

    Only this week have i seen commercials on tv, i expect the number to rise slightly this month.

    Plus, 1000 is more than they would have sold on the original pspo had the go not come out.

    So sony gained 1000 aposed to none

    A price drop is the first thing that needs to be done...that is a no-brainer.

    i think the problem is, in america, they have these HUGE UNCAPPED (OR HARD TO CAP) internet services, on the other hand here in Australia, downloading a PSP game or two is going to make a bit of dent in out monthly internet (Esp those of us stuck with services like 3G.) GG Sony

    I'm a sony fan but they really dropped the ball marketing wise on this one. Where the ads playing at all hours convincing me how great it was? Where were the huge posters in JB Hi-Fi telling me to count the sleeps before it came out? And why does the box not say anything other than it's "The smallest psp ever". Maybe in a few years the marketing will be good like the new PS3 ad campaign.

    You also have to remember that digital download isnt very big in Australia.
    I'm only on the 30GB limit with TPG, (saving money) and I can think of many other uses(besides porn) to use up my download limit, and honestly, 2-3gb games arent even a small part of it.

    I would much rather have a proper game in my hands, and be able to play that, and hand it around to my mates to play, than using digital downloads.

    Simon Hutchinson: Well said. Let's not forget however, that PSN downloads can be put onto 5 PSPs- I have already got Gran Turismo on my Go and PSP1000. As such one does no longer need to buy 2 UMDs to network play. Obviously you can 'share' games with friends for no extra cost. This may contribute to 'high' price. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is currently under $32- nearly half retail price on UMD- hopefully this discounting on PSN will be a steady thing to generate traffic.

    I still think the Go is good value as long as a buyer does not already have a library of UMDs that are not transferable, or want cheap UMDs preowned. I myself have never bought one preowned UMD.

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