Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles Getting Limited Edition

Wii on-rails shooting title Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles will be released in Japan on January 14, and is bringing a limited edition bundle for Japan.

There's a special collector's edition, too, which comes packed with the game's soundtrack, promotional DVD and a reversal sleeve. Priced at ¥8,390 ($99).

...Anyone like on-rails shooters?


    call me fickle, but considering what comes with "collectors editions" these days - this just sounds... weak...

      Yeah but most of the stuff you get are half-baked garbage, the MW2 goggles are probably only good for 30cm viewing distance. At least with this you can't go wrong.

    Well hey, usually we're stuck with a promise of an in-game special weapon that adds nothing to the experience, or a half-assed artwork leaflet. There are worse things :P

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