Rock Band: Beatles And More Left 4 Dead In Today's Pumpkins

Halloween is so close I can almost taste the zombie makeup and candy corn. Here's a few more pumpkins to go in the patch.

The Dragon Age: Origins entry comes from Cameron Vetter's girlfriend (and man has she got some skills). The second Left 4 Dead pumpkin we've seen so far comes our way from Kotaku reader Necrothug. And lastly, we've got a rare white pumpkin entry from Alex Fortuno.

Fortuno says: "This is supposed to be the Bass icon from Beatles Rock Band. It's also carved on a white pumpkin. The idea was much better in my head."

But don't be too hard on him — he had the ingenious idea to keep the whole thing together with toothpicks. I've got to try that on my Bubs pumpkin. My cat sort of ruined his teeth...


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