Rock Band's Queen 10-Pack In All Its Glory

It's hard not to randomly choose 10 Queen songs and not come up with an amazing set, but the October 20th Queen track pack for Rock Band manages to collect 10 of the very best.

We knew back in August that a 10-pack of Queen was on its way to Rock Band, but the only song we were sure of at the time was "Another One Bites the Dust." If you've ever been a fan of the band, even briefly, then you know all of these songs by heart. Check out the full list:

Another One Bites the Dust Crazy Little Thing Called Love One Vision Fat Bottomed Girls I Want It All I Want to Break Free Killer Queen Somebody to Love Tie Your Mother Down Under Pressure

If you read that and didn't get all giddy, then this track pack probably isn't for you. The rest of you, get your giddy on.


    but flash!


    No Bohemian Rhapsody? Too expensive guys? WTF.
    And I second Flash.

    no bohemian rhapsody?

    Good songs, but what about Bohemian Rhapsody?

    best. queen. song. ever.

    i have another one bites the dust for lips,i also have fat bottomed girls under pressure and killer queen for guitar hero so im abit gutted wiv these.ill probably buy i want to break free

    I want it all?! OMG I want that track pack... One of the best songs ever!

    Seems like a decent pack, I wish they had "Hammer to Fall". Then again with such an extensive catalog, my hopes are high that there will be more Queen packs in the future.

    How is it that Van Halen gets their own game, yet Queen doesn't?

    In my opinion, they probably deserve one even more than the Beatles, simply because their music is much more diverse...but Im sure not many share that opinion.

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