Rockstar: Toys R Us' PS3 GTA IV Episodes Is A Mistake

PlayStation 3 owners visiting may have had a brief thrill seeing PlayStation 3 box art for Rockstar's supposedly Xbox-only Grand Theft Auto IV expansion disc on the company's site. Just an error, according to Rockstar.

The promo image appeared today on the front page of the video game section of the company's online store. The image shows 360 and PS3 boxart for Grand Theft Auto IV: Episodes From Liberty City links to a page selling just an Xbox 360 version of the compilation. The Episodes disc contains the previously-released GTA IV expansion: The Lost and Damned as well as the forthcoming Ballad of Gay Tony.

Both episodes have been considered Xbox 360 exclusives since news broke in 2007 that Microsoft had entered into a deal with Rockstar Games and parent company Take Two Interactive. But all parties involved have long been unclear as to whether the exclusive is limited to a finite timeframe, leaving PS3 fans hope they'll get the episodes too.

A Rockstar rep was able to confirm that the Toys R Us image is a mistake. But the company declined to answer the question as to whether the episodes will ever come to PS3.

Thanks to everyone who sent this tip in.


    The cover looks far too legit to be a "mistake"

    Want some hot-to-trot unstoppable spec?

    The only thing exclusive about these episodes is their downloadability. Nothing else. Also, EFLC is NOT DLC at all, it is a STAND ALONE build that plays both games.

    Thus, the ability to download the episodes ONE BY ONE is exclusive to Microsoft, but the STAND ALONE pressing, which REMOVES it from being DLC at all, is to be released for PS3 and most likely PC as well.

    Yes, I know all kinds of things, but no one asks me much :)

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