Rumour: Epic Teases Something "Unreal"

The Epic Games official web site featured a cryptic teaser about...something, an Unreal-related teaser that has since been removed. That teaser featured the above graphic and the tagline "It's Unreal. And it's almost here."

That narrows it down to about 75 per cent of the company's product line, meaning it could be related to Epic Games' Unreal Engine, the Unreal franchise or the Unreal Tournament franchise. Or it could be a new Unreal product altogether. Or Epic Games is screwing with us.

Which is it? Best guesses in the comments!

Thanks to Jos for the heads up.


    I'm assuming it's the new Unreal engine.

      Yeah that logo doesn't really inspire any thoughts about cauterising people with a Flak Cannon, I'd say it's UE

    I just realized that Epic were saying that the development on the newest Unreal Engine won't see the light til most likely the next gen of consoles. Either they're developing it FOR that, or by the time it takes for them to complete it - the newest gen will most likely be getting a release.

    Unreal 3 on the the UE3 engine? Sans the brown, please.

    It's the Epic Megagames logo, only it's still waiting for the texture to load in.


    I'm really hoping it's not going to be their next engine (I'm 100% sure it won't be) because they're going to wait for nex gen hardware... i.e. what else could they really do with Unreal 3... it's had so many marginal updates since it was launched... look at Gears 1 compared to Gears 2.

    I hope to hell it's going to be the sequel to Unreal 2: The Awakening... the single player game, because that's still a really good game, and I honestly expected another Unreal campaign before Gears of War 2, but I guess Epic changed their tune towards console games. I don't want more multiplayer, I want another proper Unreal game.

    It's probably fair to expect it will be the next Unreal Engine. Crytek recently released their development platform to licensees with a view to next-gen ready content, not to mention iD tossing around some good tech in the form of RAGE. Epic need to respond to that. They have established themselves as the middleware platform of choice for this gen so I expect they'll want to keep that going. They'll want to get the tech out there early, so their licensees can push out products earlier in the next gen cycle so Epic can get more value out of it. Also, despite their posturing to the contrary, they probably have a better idea of the window when the next gen will hit than they let on, at least as far as Microsoft's next is concerned; Epic make exclusive games sell a lot of consoles.

    Unless it's simply an improved version of UE3. :p

      Fair enough then I guess, but I'm still gonna hold out hope for a real Unreal 3 game...

      (haha, 'real' Unreal...)

    The new unreal engine! Now with extra brown!

    Woah woah, guys, have you forgotten that Arkham Asylum was using Unreal Engine? Obviously it can do black and dark blue as WELL as brown then!

    P.S. Arkham Asylum had some kick ass art direction anyway, showing just how badass that engine can be.

    Unreal 2: The Awakening in my opinion is the most underrated game in gaming history. Brilliant game with an average rating. I hope it's a sequel, its about time they did something with the franchise.

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