Rumour: Modern Warfare 2 Features Third-Person Shooting Mode

Modern Warfare is one of the best first-person-shooters in recent memory. What if the sequel was not only a FPS. What if it was also a third-person-shooter?

Someone snagged an early copy of Modern Warfare 2 in France on the PS3 and streamed it on the internet. If it's real, the game appears to feature third-person mode. If it's not real, then it won't. Easy as that.

Check out the crummy quality clip below and judge for yourself. We are contacting the developer and will update if we get a comment on this issue.

News: Rumor: Modern Warfare 2's Huge Secret is Third Person View? (Update: Seems to be True) [Kombo Thanks, Jonathan!]


    Ehhh, looks like a multiplayer spectator cam? I dunno... if it is real, why would they bother with third person?

      adds appeal to the TPS fans of Gears and other over the shoulder shooters, adds another level of spatial awareness I guess some people will like. I bet not everyone will use it though, FPS is just cooler :P

      It's not spectator cam, at one point you can see them going to the menu to switch load-outs.
      Andrew - I can see the cross hair in the video.

    It could just be the low quality, mixed with watching it on mu iPod touch, but I can't see any crosshairs. I think it'd be very interesting playing it with no idea where you're aiming...
    Methinks this is fake.

      Yeah there are cross hairs, he seems to run around with a flamethrower of sorts for a bit, whick makes them really big, later he's gunning out the window and as he moves through the dark arches you can see the cross hairs clearly.

      1 min in theres corss hairs they just dont show the Xhair the whole time

      Theres a cross hair there, its quite large in scope but focuses in when you aim.

      Seems to be true with the game mode 'reveal'.

      I love TPS so cant wait to try it out.

        Oh yeah, now that I'm on my desktop, i can see the light (or in this case, crosshairs..)

        My bad.

    you can see the cross hairs at 0:56 to 1:01 seconds, just after he climbs the ladder you see them on the wall. interesting none the less, doubt it though.

    I think this is just a spectator view. It would be easier to watch what was going on this way.

    And Andrew there are crosshairs they are just very hard to see most the time.

    no there is crosshairs, remember they move out whilst moving and its hard to see with the bad quality but they are there, kinda hard to say its fake though, looks like the guy playing caught it on webcam and uploaded it (see computer monitor reflection centre screen at the bottom)plus it would be hard to fake the XMB and the display messages coming up along with game menus. i still cant believe this guy is taunting us by playing it 2 weeks early,

    it reminds me of Uncharted 2 but without the cover system

    probably just another thing they seemed to have taken from the halo books. whats going on with that dual-wielding again??

    It's funny how these rumors and videos always feature a shaky cam. Doesn't anyone own a decent digital camera these days.

    Video is now down due to copyright infringement
    It seems strange that they'd not tell anyone it featured TPS gameplay. It could potentially be a selling point (and Lord knows that games needs more of them).

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