Scenes From A Prison Break

We know what the television show Prison Break looks like, but what about the video game adaptation of said show? Take a look-see.

If you look closely at this set of screenshots for Deep Silver and Koch Media's Prison Break game for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, you will indeed see a prison. Delve further and you might catch a glimpse of a man trying to break out of said prison. Looks like developer Zootfly completely nailed this one!


    It is unfortunate that the TV series has actually ruined the what *could* have been an enjoyable game for me. Every time I channel-surf past the late night offerings I cringe.

    It does look good though. Congrats Zootfly.

    This could be a great stealth based game but chances are the game will be a homage to the series first, and a game second. (remember the Lost game)

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