Scribblenauts Dev Moves On To Consoles, "Pretty Big" XBLA Game

Having sufficiently conquered the handheld platform with clever games like Drawn To Life and Scribblenauts, developer 5th Cell is moving onward and upward to console platforms. That includes a "pretty big" unannounced Xbox Live Arcade game.

5th Cell co-founder Jeremiah Slaczka teases his studio's XBLA game in a new interview with Gamasutra, one that goes way beyond the promise of unannounced potential greatness.

"We're doing an Xbox Live Arcade title next, and it's going to be pretty big," Slaczka says. Oh, and don't hold your breath for an impending announcement. "It's going to be really cool. We're very excited about it... it's totally not ready to be announced. It's far away."

Interview: 5th Cell Wants To Grow With 'Pretty Big' XBLA Title [Gamasutra]


    I dunno, maybe they should consider perfecting their handheld stuff first. Scribblenauts was innovative but damn so much of it was more annoying than fun.

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