See The Road Rash HD That May Never Be

While we were certain that Electronic Arts was going to revisit classic racer Road Rash last year—we trust ex-Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach without reservation—the publisher denied it was in development. Well it was at one point.

An early, pre-vis clip from the seemingly cancelled Road Rash was sniffed out by blog superannuation, a game once in the early development stages at EA's since-shuttered Warrington studio. The bad news is that the tech demo only makes us want a new Road Rash even more, to take a bike chain to the face of our friends online.

Let's hope that EA has since reconsidered the decision to revitalise Road Rash and that the re-upped trademark was not filed in vain. Or for an iPhone game.

Previsualization for EA Warrington's next-gen Road Rash. [superannuation]


    That's so awesome. Damn you, EA! I love motorbikes in games, but the only time you can ride them for fun is in sandbox games, the racing games are a bit too hardcore...

    Yes I'd love to see this game. I still remember back when I was in high school, on the weekends we'd get our rich friend to hire a Sega MegaDrive and about 5 of us would have a sleepover at his place with all of us taking turns and deciding on how to upgrade the bike and writing down the resume codes ... then we'd wake up at various times of the night just to keep playing. Hehe.

    I just don't think EA have the balls to do it because it's so violent.

    The only reason why I would bought a sega megadrive system is because of this game. (sadly i don't bought the system). But the PC/3D0/PSX/Sega CD version of Road Rash was the best in the series.
    (the later version is totally destroying the franchise)

    But this trailer... oh man!
    I hope they bring back the road rash.
    I also hope it's out for PC as well... with online multiplayer (LAN Please!) but no Windows for Live BS!

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